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Product Talk Podcast

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Product Talk is produced by Products That Count, a global product acceleration platform reaching over 300,000 product managers. From failures and formative learning experiences to inflection points and “aha” moments, Product Talk discusses the journeys that great product leaders go through to discover what makes a great product and how to best serve the people they create products for. We create intimate connections with industry leaders, and the space to have easy conversations in a friendly atmosphere. That is probably why, when our hosts meet longtime listeners, they strike up conversations in a way that makes it feels like they’ve been friends for years.

Strategy and Execution

Product Talk first began to scale through a sequence of mini-series consisting of once-a-week episodes that were laser-focused on the topic of what it takes to build great products, had a theme-based approach so you hear several perspectives on each topic, and had co-hosted content with handpicked hosts who all build products themselves. As we built our podcast community, we invited more and more innovative product leaders to speak or even host episodes. Sometimes then these themes were scattered across months instead of being contained in consecutive episodes. Today, with almost 200 episodes produced, we are starting to move away from the mini-series model into podcast seasons (e.g. Rise of the CPO, Product Awards Winners Circle), so we can focus on adapting to the next stages of The Age of Product, starting with industry/geography diversification then continuing into the rise of tools and CPOs.


Product Talk reaches 1.2M listeners weekly and has published almost 200 episodes as of February 7, 2022. C/VP-level product executives such as Netflix Product VP, Coinbase CPO, and Box CPO share best practices and raise their profile at our curated product salons, podcast show and mastermind circles. Leading brands such as Autodesk and Capital One join as corporate members to turn their product teams into a competitive advantage. Hyper-growth companies like Amplitude have generated 10X ROI from marketing partnerships. The show has inspired other great podcasts, like the Kauffman Fellows podcast.


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