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Giving back with the help of your dog

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 Our objective was to build a community with our clients and to help us give back to people or animals in need.  At the same time to have them feel more connected to their dogs in a creative and fun way the whole family can enjoy. 

Strategy and Execution

 These high quality pictures and instagram stories started just as a way to show proof the dog has gone out with us but then we realized the views and comments we were getting. "These make my day" or "I wait by my phone at work to get the pictures!" One of our favorite responses is "Can't wait to show the kids tonight." At the end of every night they can watch the entire story of how our day went with their dog and friends! By consistenly doing these stories it started to build trust and bonding between the clients and the company. They love the personalization behind it and creativity. Some days we will do themed stories, holiday stories, mix in pop culture with the dogs stories, etc. We know we must be doing something right if the clients are telling their parents to follow our account to watch their "granddogs" day.  We wanted to bring  joy and happiness to our clients  and their families during a time where everyone was trying to adjust to the "new normal."  By forming this trust we wanted them to channel their support towards helping Korn Dogs give back to the dog world and our own community as much as we can.  


When the fires in Australia happened back in January 2020 we shared in our story that we were looking to send donations for the animals that were terribly hurt by this. For the first time we saw the power of our community. The feedback was incredible and we ended up hosting a work out class at our local gym. What's better than getting a good work out and giving back? We raised $5,000 for them by the end of it! Shortly after that the pandemic hit everybody was in the same boat. Feeling stressed and worst of all... helpless.  We teamed up with a local store in town for clients to send us donations so we could buy the stores slippers for the nurses who were on their feet for 14 plus hours trying to help patients with severe cases of covid. The fact that the clients could directly help by simply sending a venmo brought them comfort. We ended up donating 1,000 pairs of slippers to the nurses at our local hospital.  Our most recent Korn Dog family fundraiser was my personal favorite.  We noticed how long of an amazon wish list our local shelter had for items they desperatly needed. We exceeded our expectations and were able to donate 400 items and give every dog and cat a toy in time for Christmas. During all of these fundraisers we did together they were able to see the results of their own donations by our instagram stories.  We would share pictures of the nurses receiving their slippers, the shelter dogs playing with their new toys, etc. Small companies can do big things. We are just getting started. 


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Korn Dogs LLC


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