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From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Oh My World with Hagar Chemali

Finalist in News & Media

About this entry

Oh My World is a world news and political satire brand that has two missions: 1) to deliver world stories and global news in a fun and easy-to-understand way in order to appeal to a younger audience and explain why geopolitics matter here; and, 2) to share stories of the activities of dictators and human rights abusers, as well as those doing good around the world; because through awareness, we can affect change for the better.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Oh My World's strategy to achieve its mission is through short-form video content on YouTube, and also on Instagram, that is particularly crafted for a younger, America viewer. The stories and segments are short, the pace of the videos is fast, the host has a high level of energy, and the videos are produced with many graphics, photographs, and sound effects to keep the viewer interested -- especially a young viewer with a short-attention span. 

Another key element of the strategy is the way in which the stories are delivered. They're explained in an easy-to-understand way, with relatable language and comparisons, sometimes in rhyme, and with poltiical satire - including jokes and comedic impressions of world leaders. Oh My World uses humor as a central tenet of its effort to share these stories, get the audience interested in them, and ultimately fight for a better world.

Direct engagement with the audience is also a key part of Oh My World's strategy. We engage with this audience through live shows at colleges, universities, and schools (which includes fun and interactive foriegn policy games and merchandise); through regular Q&A over social media, and through weekly polls on Instagram stories to get feedback or opinions on key foreign policy questions.

Oh My World is sharing and explaining stories on issues that are among the hardest to understand, and because of that, are often least in demand among the broader population. (One only needs to look at how little resources and time most news networks spend on international news and foreign affairs as an example.) And yet, because we believe that the younger audience is more interested in these topics, and is interested in brands that seek to affect change for the better, our strategy is built around catering to this audience while remaining mission-based.

There is nothing else out there like this brand - one that offers this type of information in a super short, catchy, and funny way, and on video. The host for this weekly show also brings her former foreign policy and government experience to bear, while keeping things light, funny, and interesting. It's truly a unique brand.


The brand was launched only in May 2020 and the momentum continues to grow. Requests from colleges, universities, and schools across the country for live Oh My World shows have increased. Requests from traditional outlets like MSNBC and BBC, as well as newer digital media platforms like Cheddar, Newsy, and Erupt News, all continue to ask for our host and creator to regularly break down foreign policy issues in a way that the audience can understand. Subscribers to our YouTube channel and newsletter, as well as social media followers, continue to steadily increase. And the brand continues to develop with new content in different forms, shared across all social media platforms.

Greatest proof of the concept is that teachers are beginning to share the content on a weekly basis with their students, and students love it. One teacher at a private school in Greenwich, CT, in particular, shared the show on a weekly basis with his 8th grade world history and current events students. These students - roughly 75 of them in total - each continue to watch and love Oh My World - and most importantly, none of them actively work in foreign affairs or know whether they want to. Meaning this is not an audience that already works in or watches world news. While this brand is focused on a niche issue, it is not necessarily for a niche audience. It appeals to everyone.


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