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NYC → Boston Race

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In order to further position our brand as the unequivocal expert on travel and aviation, TPG looked to find a new creative wrapper to discuss some of the most common flight paths and multi-city commutes in the United States — New York City to Washington D.C., New York City to Boston, etc. We set out to answer some questions for our audience: What are the commute options from New York to Boston? Which method is fastest? What’s each experience like? Why should you pick one over the other? We wanted to provide our audience with a breakdown of cost, time, comfort, and value  — in that super detailed, first-person fashion that TPG is known for.

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Our strategy to meet these objectives can be summarized as follows: (1) Gamify the commute comparison into a race. Introduce the reporters as “competitors” and capture key moments across their journeys to Boston. Initiate the race at a common starting point, New York City’s Oculus. Film racers taking off in different directions, emphasizing the competitive nature of the concept. (2) Utilize graphics and maps for ease of understanding. Color code each competitor with a ticket graphic that summarizes their transportation method and status in the race. Break up the Instagram story into “chapters” and delineate progress through map graphics that pinpoint competitors current location in real time. (3) Raise the stakes. Present the information and content as if it was happening in real time through timestamps that let viewers know exactly how the day unfolded. (4) Conclude the exercise with a chart graphic that compares each transportation method head-to-head, giving followers a quick overview of the cost, time, and value breakdown. (5) Intentionally omit some details. Link to the TPG on-site article that provides information in greater detail. 


In total, the Instagram story attracted 358,334 impressions with each frame averaging 19,907 impressions — up 32.7% from our established 2021 impression benchmark. The story also recorded a 97.3% completion rate, indicating that this information proved both timely and useful to our audience. Where applicable, the story linked to the TPG article "Fast flights, long trains and seaplanes: What’s the quickest way to get to Boston from New York?" which garnered 20,460 pageviews. 8.7% of the article’s traffic came from social media, namely the Instagram story.


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The Points Guy


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