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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Master Your Money

Finalist in Multi-Platform Presence


Insider’s social media team executed a social-first sponsored campaign with Fidelity titled “Master Your Money.” The year-long campaign consisted of Instagram feed posts, Reels, IG lives, Twitter threads, Twitter Spaces, a Clubhouse event, YouTube videos, and more. 

The Master Your Money social campaign was split into 5 pillars, all aiming to empower millennials to take control of their financial futures, covering topics such as debt, investing, homeownership, and more.

Strategy and Execution

This campaign had five main components to it: 

1. 30-day money challenges

Once a week during each month-long Challenge, Insider shared a mini guide for participants looking to develop and meet their financial goals. On Instagram, the team distributed these tips via feed posts to make them easily shareable. The team also created Instagram stories and used engagement tools like polls and sliders to engage participants. At the end of each monthly challenge, each step was compiled into an Instagram guide. 

On Twitter, the team created threads, a format that’s familiar to Twitter users and allows detailed definitions to be shared in the confines of the platform's small character limit. Threads included social graphics and polls to encourage engagement. 

Each month's challenge then culminated in live, virtual events that were streamed on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

2. First person stories

The team wanted real millennials to share their personal finance experiences and their financial goals. Staying true to the social-first aspect of the campaign, the subjects of these stories were sourced directly from Insider’s social audience. The team sent call-outs for followers to share their financial successes and tangible advice they could share with others. Examples included paying off debt in record time, starting a freelance career after being furloughed, and reaching a net-worth of $1 million at 30. 

Three of our participants also conducted Instagram story Q&As with our audience. The team collected questions using the question bubble on Instagram stories and the subjects shared their tips. These tips were also shared in feed posts to encourage easy sharing. Additionally, threads and moments were created on Twitter.

3. Pulse polls

Oftentimes, people are hesitant to have open conversations about money so the team conducted short, timely pulse surveys to help better understand millennials’ financial behaviors and attitudes. 

We created easily digestible graphics for Twitter and Instagram. During the campaign, Instagram reels emerged as a new tool, so the team took the opportunity to use them to share results of the polls, too

4. Money circle conversations

The circle conversations aimed to bring together millennials at digital roundtable events to discuss their attitudes, experiences, and ideas for managing their finances. The team utilized audio platforms and tools to allow experts and audience members to connect directly. 

We used Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Instagram Live to create these digital conversations. 

This strategy was initially used on Clubhouse as it peaked in popularity over the summer. We quickly adjusted our strategy however, as enrollments on the app stalled and adjusted to Twitter Spaces. This pivot paid off greatly as the Twitter Space brought in over 400 listeners. 

5. Investing reference

Lastly, Insider’s reference team answered millennials’ frequently searched questions about money and investing in SEO-optimized written articles and videos that provided context and in-depth answers. 

On Instagram, feed posts and reels were created to break down common questions and topics. Similarly, threads were created on Twitter. Videos featured experts on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 


At the beginning, the client was guaranteed 15M social impressions. The team greatly exceeded this minimum, earning over 74M impressions and video views across platforms.

The team overcame another obstacle when the client decided to pivot away from an originally planned Reddit AMA. The team was then asked to pitch an entirely new way to host a social conversation with our audience. Within a month, the team pitched, planned, and executed an Instagram Live debunking Money Myths sourced from our audience with social callouts and live comments. The show reached over 6,000 viewers and peaked at 740 concurrent audience members, garnering over 500 comments. 

Insider’s “Master Your Money” campaign is an exceptional example of how the social team was constantly reevaluating, adjusting, and expanding their social strategies based on the emerging tools and trends at hand. 


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Insider and Fidelity


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