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Lovevery's My New Life

Finalist in Podcast


Our purpose at Lovevery is to be a support system for families. We equip parents with the knowledge and insights they need to get more out of every experience with their baby. Lovevery launched our in-house podcast, My New Life, hosted by Cofounder & CEO, Jessica Rolph, in April 2020. 

The early years of a child’s life are the most important for their long-term development. Sometimes, the abundance of information out there can feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate. The goal of My New Life is to support parents and help make sense of the science behind early learning.

By linking science and researchers to actionable tips and insights we can provide parents with the resources they need to make informed choices. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, caregivers can focus on finding deeper connection and meaning when interacting with their child. 

Now in its third season, My New Life offers a platform for nuanced conversations with experts across child development, neuroscience, and more–from shared conversations on executive function in babies and connecting with children, to discussing ways to encourage intrinsic motivation. Parents in search of community and deeper insights into their child’s brain development have found the podcast to be a valuable addition to the other information-dense resources Lovevery provides, most notably our printed Play Guides.

Strategy and Execution

Parenting is a tricky space to navigate, be it in podcasting, or any other public forum. There are so many competing perspectives and deeply passionate audiences. With everything that we do, including the podcast, Lovevery approaches these topics in a way that makes parents feel supported and enables them to make their own decisions based on the information presented and what fits with their family’s lifestyle. The approach is not one of a top-down authority, but rather one of curiosity and a desire to learn more about the science and evidence behind different parenting philosophies or child development topics. 

Host Jessica Rolph’s objective from the get go was to stand out from other parenting podcasts by backing these perspectives with science and research. Her conversations with neuroscientists, occupational therapists, child psychologists, pediatricians, pediatric dietetics, and researchers seek to help make sense of the science behind early learning and engage listeners in ways that shows hosted by an expert in a single category cannot.  

Another key component of bringing the podcast to life is to ensure that it is a cohesive extension of Lovevery’s broader early learning program. This program includes product in the form of the brand’s award-winning subscription Play Kits and other standalone play things, as well as a range of content across Lovevery’s other channels, including Play Guides, blog, Instagram, and weekly development emails. It’s crucial that the podcast listening experience is complementary and consistent with the information and experts that parents can find elsewhere across Lovevery’s digital presence. Furthermore, while the podcast is free for anyone, it acts as an enhancement to the the stage-based model that Lovevery takes with its subscription service. With seasons broken down by age range and themes, parents can select the episodes that are most relevant to them based on the developmental windows opening and closing for their unique child at any given time.  


One reviewer put it best: “This podcast reminds me that we mamas are in this together and not deserted in our own homes with our little ones.” The isolation we have felt over the course of the pandemic has made this podcast all the more valuable to parents. Relatable stories from its host (a mother to three) and guests (many of whom are parents) have offered a sense of companionship on what is an undeniably tough road to go alone. In addition to this universal reassurance, My New Life offers parents the tools to make those common hurdles feel a little more surmountable.

My New Life has a rating of 4.9 stars in the Apple Store and has been downloaded 450K times. It’s most popular episode, Perspectives on feeding: Baby-led weaning, has over 10K downloads. As of February 12, 2022, the show was ranked #18 on the Apple Podcasts : United States of America : Parenting category and has featured dozens of child development and subject matter experts since its first episode aired in April 2020. 

Lovevery has won awards for its early childhood resources from TIME, Red Dot, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, The Bump, What to Expect, NAPPA, Parents, and more.


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