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Special Project

Special Project
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Levi’s Music Project: 2021 Discord Launch

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Imprint Projects developed the Levi’s Music Project with Levi’s global marketing team over the last seven years—simultaneously filling a void in music education left by budget cuts, whilst developing the brand’s credibility within music culture.

Prior to 2021, Levi’s Music Project was centered by in-person activation in artists’ hometowns, and included collaborations with Alicia Keys, Snoop, Justin Timberlake, Vince Staples and SZA. 

Expand the scope and reach of the Levi’s Music Project to continue to build brand relevance and credibility with Gen Z students and aspiring musicians around the globe.

2021 GOALS

  1. Build a vibrant, connected global music education space 
  2. Offer valuable digital experiences at scale for all aspiring musicians and music fans

  3. Feed the Levi’s Music Project ecosystem by turning live moments into multi platform content

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In 2021, we expanded the Levi’s Music Project from a series of IRL activations to an always-on multi platform social program. 

In addition to fresh social programming across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok— Levi’s launched a dedicated Discord server for Levi’s Music Project in November 2021. This new channel is home to a global music education community, created by artists for artists. 

On Discord, Gen Z and Aspiring Musicians can hang out 24-7, partake in unique artist-led virtual activations, and take advantage of enriching opportunities and content like:

Artists and moderators across the globe record these virtual experiences, and then edit short takeaway content to distribute back into Discord, and across YouTube and Instagram to expand the program’s impact and grow the community. Levi’s Music Project content is cut to suit each platform:

The new Levi’s Music Project launched in partnership with global superstar Khalid, in benefit of the Boys and Girls Club in his hometown, El Paso. Khalid asked the community to remix his hit track “Better,” and extended the Challenge on TikTok to drive widespread awareness of the new Levi’s Discord community.

Developing a community-propelled, virtual production model is complex. Pulling it off in 20 markets is even more of a feat. 

Few global consumer brands operate their own Discord server—there’s both a knowledge and experience gap. So, a market playbook has been essential to Levi’s Music Project’s successful relaunch. 

Moderators must have both the 30,000 foot view, and also be able to execute upon the finest detail. The playbook provides a step-by-step guide for how to nurture the community, and plan, produce, package and release recap content across multiple social platforms.


Levi’s Music Project is stronger than ever. With the Discord, and the dynamic ecosystem across YouTube and Instagram, we are driving Gen Z loyalty in real time, all year round.

Through the shift from in-person event activation to a digital-first community approach, Levi’s Music Project has doubled its market presence in the first 60 days. Ten new previously unengaged markets are participating.

In just two months:

The Discord Music team cites the Levi’s Music Project social campaigns as a case study for how to use social platforms to grow a community. 

Free access to music education has never been more important. Feedback from the winners of Khalid remix challenge says it all:  “We asked for band every single year of high school, they never gave it to us. They weren’t giving enough funding to the arts programming there, so we’re all self-taught…” 

Through Levi's Music project we've provided access to music education to thousands of students around the world, and it's just the beginning.


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