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Impressive Digital Ethnography and Strategy

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What did we hear from stakeholders regarding change?

Shifting Needs and Preferences​

There has been a shift in desires and priorities amongst target audience groups primarily due to advancements in technology. The effects of these advancements include:​

What did we hear from stakeholders regarding challenges?

Reinforcing Our Advantages​

There is a general lack of awareness amongst target audience members of Ferguson’s full list of capabilities including:​

What did we hear from stakeholders regarding end goals?

What did we hear from our customers?

Preference for Partnership​

Digitally Distressed​

Digitally Distressed, But Not Adverse​

Passive Industry Involvement​

Why does this entry deserve to win?







Waterworks successfully launched 97 posts throughout the calendar year of 2021. 

Of those 97 posts:

By organizing our LinkedIn content based on a set of priorities and goals that laddered up to larger business goals and initiatives for Ferguson Waterworks, we can successfully say that we have positioned Ferguson Waterworks as the foundation of a better build. We were able to bring this to life by creating content that compels users and our ability to be the guiding voice and thought leader for the Waterworks industry started with the content we pushed out into the world.​


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Ferguson Enterprises


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