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You Know You Love Me: Gossip Girl Social Voice

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In the Gossip Girl television series, a teacher creates an online entity to hold her unruly, rich, and entitled student body accountable by putting their shameful personal lives on blast through social media. Our goal with this campaign was to bring that entity to life but emulating the voyeuristic, morally high, snarky voice online through our social media accounts that mirrored the Gossip Girl account in the show.

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To achieve the Gossip Girl voice online that was developed on the show we had to study how the entity spoke in the reboot version of the show as well as in the original. We had to incorporate her air of moral superiority, balance her disgust as well as fascination for the upper class, and extend that to something we have never seen Gossip Girl do in the past– interact directly with her fans. In the comments sections of our platforms is where we really had some of the most freedom to apply our interpretation of Gossip Girl’s voice. We decided to go with a very blunt, concise, snarky, and some would say “savage” approach. We employed an air of aloofness that screamed confidence when interacting with fans. Also, Gossip Girl is not above a little online roasting. She is not a Queen B, she is the maker of Queen B’s and the voice exuded the spirit of someone who knows exactly where their place is– and hers is at the top. Which made getting a response from Gossip Girl, something of a badge of honor amongst fans.


The result of extending the television entity of Gossip Girl’s voice onto our social campaign resulted in a lot of buzz from news outlets. The general consensus from the public was that the reboot feels like a genuine attempt to extend the greatness of the original into the reboot. As the revival of Gossip Girl pages was one the first indications that something in the world of New York City’s elite was being reborn. It left a great impression on fans that the ethos of the new gossip girl- however questionable- will still be intact. 


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Ralph Creative, HBO Max


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