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From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Gossip Girl Here

Finalist in Television


The goal of creating a social media campaign for this particular show was to extend the universe set up in the show past the television screen. The premise of the show, about a teacher who reprises the handle of an online vigilante to keep the teen elite of New York in check, lends itself perfectly to creating an immersive experience. Utilizing a specific strategy across multiple different platforms we wanted the Gossip Girl social pages to feel as omnipresent online, as they did in the fictitious scenario of the show.  

Strategy and Execution

To execute the strategy to achieve a of blurring the lines between what one watches on screen and what one experiences on their feeds we employed a multitude of tactics detailed below: 


As a result of our television strategy we were able to create a fan base online that had a deeper level of investment into the show due to our immersion tactics. Our diligent online world building allowed fans to cosplay as a member of Gossip Girl’s elite world, should they choose. By following the character Instagrams that we set up, and the Gossip Girl page itself they were able to stay on the beat of NYC’s elite. Fans even joined in on the world building by commenting on Gossip Girl’s and the character Instagrams posts as though the events of the show were real. They were able to further that experience by talking with like minded individuals and Gossip Girl herself during the live tweets which became a hub for superfans to fawn over the series and discuss the drama in real time.


Video for Gossip Girl Here

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Ralph Creative, HBO Max


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