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Feast and Field

Finalist in Food & Beverage


Feast and Field is a weekly digital magazine from Lee Enterprises. Launched in March 2021, our mission is to tell the complete story of food and drink in America using engaging and insightful content, paired with vibrant photography and video. Feast and Field readers are hungry to understand the connection between what’s on their plates and the vast patchwork of farms, orchards and vineyards that stretch into every corner of the country.

Every week, we focus on one type of produce or product (items like apples, potatoes, wine or corn) and travel to a different part of the country to meet a farmer or grower who is bringing this product to life. We really try to show the full cycle of food and drink in America -- starting with the hardworking people who are making it all happen. 

Our goals are pretty simple: Show the origins of American food and drink -- starting with the farmers, makers and growers -- and then ending with the restaurants, chefs and breweries that are bringing this food and drink into the daily lives of Americans.


Strategy and Execution

Feast and Field is a new digital platform that launched March 2021. Each week, we travel the nation in order to feature makers, farmers and crafters involved in growing, processing and producing our food, from field to feast. Our goal is to produce entertaining, insightful, eye-opening content in order to educate our readers on both American farming and the culinary industry associated with it. With only four full-time editorial staffers, our all-female Feast and Field team is small, smart and passionate about these origins of American food and drink. With our strategy of publishing weekly issues that dive into new topics each week, we are able to showcase as many different cultures, ethnicities and life experiences as possible. To make sure we tell inspiring stories in a way that relates to all our readers, we purposely choose to work with a diverse group of writers, photographers, chefs and copyeditors.

For example, our “Wild Salmon in Alaska” issue featured recipes from indigenous chefs who grew up in fishing communities in Southeast Alaska, the homeland of the Tlingit people. And, in our issue on "Bison in South Dakota," we tapped a writer who is a member of the Lakota tribe and grew up on the Rosebud Reservation, which is highlighted in the issue, to write the feature story.

While we are passionate about the roots of our food, we are equally passionate about the stories associated with how that food is enjoyed. Each week, we also feature up-and-coming chefs throughout the nation who demonstrate new and exciting ways to relish the foods we are covering. More so, we explore the latest trends associated with the topic or provide insightful and helpful content when it comes to both everyday and unique food industry topics.

With our distribution model, the readers in our extensive newsletter network are eager to be delivered a complete issue every Monday directly in their inbox. In addition, since we are a subset of Lee Enterprises (over 70+ local newspapers across the US), our distribution model publishes our stories on each and every local paper's digital platform. With this, we are able to reach millions of people across the US, making the reach of our content limitless.


Since our launch in March 2021, our goal had been to showcase the origins of food and drink in America using vibrant photography, engaging articles and savvy social media -- and we have succeeded! As of November 30th, Feast and Field had more than 1.3 million page views and 763,734 unique users, with more than 92,000 subscribers to each of the four newsletters delivered every week.


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Lee Enterprises


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