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From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

The Ecosystem Panels

Entered in Instagram


The goals were:

  1. To show that MTS is the ecosystem with a set of products and services that together represent a single unity.
  2. To involve users in communication to increase their knowledge about ecosystem’s products & services.

The idea was to make a collaboration with digital artists and use art to tell about the products of the MTS ecosystem

Strategy and Execution

We decided to make 9 creative digital video works with digital artists for Instagram account of MTS. Each work related to one of ecosystem product or service. Together works united into one panel in MTS’s account feed.

8 works related to 8 different products, 1 work contained a contest and represented the heart of ecosystem, symbolizing the unity of products.

The whole project was announced by lifestyle Instagram bloggers and Telegram art publics.

The last publication of the project was contest. We engaged users to choose one of 9 works which they liked the most and vote for the best art in comments. After voting the work of Svekolsky (representing MTS Music) was chosen by users:

We used this art for creation of AR mask and hoodie, which can be animated with the AR mask. These AR hoodies were given as a prize to our 20  randomly chosen contest winners.


We conducted a brandlift survey to measure the effectiveness of our project. The results of survey showed that the awareness of MTS ecosystem products and services is higher (by 10%) among the audience which saw the project publication. Besides, this audience uses the products of the ecosystem more (by 8%).

We also engaged the audience: 167 people took part in our contest.

It means that we achieved our goals and showed that MTS is an ecosystem of products and services and also involved users in communication.

So we can see that our project helped to increase awareness of MTS ecosystem products and services among the target audience.


Video for The Ecosystem Panels

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Mosaic Media, MTS


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