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Finalist in Long Form Video


In 2020, Porsche shifted its focus to a new strategic target group, the content hungry 'Driven Youth' (20-40 YO, mobile-first, digital natives) and 'New Creative Leaders' (40-55 YO, lovers of design and craft). Shortly after, the brand announced the launch of their first ever all-electric vehicle, The Porsche Taycan.

The Brief / Objectives:

1) to launch Porsche's all-electric car, Taycan Cross Turismo while proving that it's just as much a sports car as any other Porsche.

2) Authentically connect with Porsche's new, younger, strategic target audience (primary objective)

We were tasked with creating a content landscape to captivate a creative and content-hungry target audience.

Strategy and Execution

We were tasked with creating a content landscape to captivate a creative and content-hungry target audience, addressing these challenges:
1) All-electric vehicles were considered inferior sporting cars to combustion engine cars

2) Our strategic target audience are bombarded by content every day, we had to cut through in a meaningful way.

For us to shift the perception for Porsche, from being a brand that only appealed to an older audience to a brand that knew how to talk to the youth, we needed to achieve higher digital metrics. Higher impressions, reach and engagement. Our usual digital metrics didn't reach the engagement levels 'younger' brands achieve and for that we set out to create a film that showed the true power of a Taycan Cross Turismo, an all-electric car with the power to impress and breakthrough the digital clutter. That's why we partnered with a top creator, who knew how to engage our target audience with outstanding drone cinematography, and carried on with an activation that invited the community to co-create with us.

Our hero film, Drive2Extremes set the pace for the rest of the campaign, inspiring the audience and cascading a world of content to inspire our target audience. The hero film, was shot by FPV drone, by renowned pilot Johnny FPV, in two extreme, contrasting locations: -30°C Levi, Finland and +30°C Liwa desert, UAE, exclusively with 0 CGI or VFX. The film captivated a community of creators online because of its seamless transitions between the two worlds. From this film we sparked the imagination of our target audience with exclusive pre-teaser content by JohnnyFPV, a 4-part BTS series, 'Hacks' or mini-masterclasses, and a creator editing competition that allowed creators around the world access the film's raw footage and edit the work of their hero, JohnnyFPV

The campaign was shared across Porsche global and regional Social media channels as well as Johnny FPV's Instagram and YouTube.


With a global shortage of vehicles, the business objective was not to sell more vehicles; the primary objective was to authentically connect and inspire our new target audiences. Our original metrics had reach, impressions and engagement in mind.

The results:

733 Million total reach - 36.1 Million cumulative views - A total of 2.3M engagement - outstanding 99.2% positive sentiment - 66K visitors to the 'Create2Extremes’ microsite in a matter of days from 121 countries with 4,400+ registrations & submissions.


Video for Drive2Extremes

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Keko Dubai, Porsche Middle East & Africa


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