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Diet Coke Boost Inside: A Year In Paid

Winner in Paid & Amplification



We were tasked with a year of paid media efforts across Diet Coke social channels. The objective? Awareness. But awareness is nothing if you’re not relatable and relevant to the audience you’re targeting. So, with a focus on base Diet Coke, we looked to our target consumers (millennials, shocker). But how to effectively reach a millennial mindset and not get lost in the chatter? We identified an insight and an opportunity to meet them in ways that they were already talking about the brand. Our goal was to meet these millennials in their feeds with social-first, aspirational content to show how life can be that much better with a Diet Coke in hand.

Strategy and Execution

The work derived from a unique insight the team found when culling through Diet Coke social chatter. Our audience needs their Diet Coke. It’s not a want or a second thought. It’s a give. me. my. Diet. Coke. mood. Why? because inside every Diet Coke, there’s a delicious boost. It lifts you from your afternoon slump into boss o’clock. Your work commute becomes precious me-time. It makes mornings delicious enough to wake up for.

Using elevated slice-of-life scenes, we set out to get people thirsty for diet coke. We used paid dollars and created custom content specifically for each paid audience (our base audience, diet soda category buyers, and our brand loyalists) to amplify our core audience of millennial adults looking for an understanding voice. So whether they were a new drinker or a life-long fan, we showed that no matter the situation, Diet Coke is always there when you need a fizzing boost.


Through social listening we saw our audience isn’t just sipping the occasional Diet Coke, no they NEED their Diet Coke. We used our Boost Inside content to join in on the already happening consumption conversation through relevant daily moments that Diet Coke boosts. Tasked with creating awareness we used these relatable moments to create content that was engaging with over 1.3B paid impressions and 179k engagements showing our target audiences were not only seeing these posts but relating and engaging with them. We then continued the momentum by giving our fans a fizzing boost on social and our organic content garnered 423K impressions and 31K engagements. Our organic VTR’s (13.58%) was double our paid VTR’s (7.08%) showing our content stopping power.


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Entrant Company / Organization Name

Havas Atlanta, Social Center, Formerly Known As, Diet Coke (The Coca-Cola Company)


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