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Dhar Mann

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The objective of Dhar Mann's inspirational videos is to provide inspiring stories that also shine a light on various underrepresented communities of individuals. For this video, the focus was to inform others and inspire individuals with autism and their families. The video was written to show how autism is not a disability, but just a different ability, and at the same time, raise money for an organization creating awareness for these individuals and their families.


A well-thought-out story was written and filmed to help reach the masses to provide autism awareness. As a mission to ensure the autistic community was accurately represented, a child actor with autism was hired to play the role of the autistic child. Once the video was live, it was pushed to audiences through various platforms such as text messaging a massive text list, posted on all socials, and utilized email marketing and social stories, as well as a trailer for the video that helped promote it across socials, all which contributed to high traffic to view and share the video. 


On YouTube alone, the video achieved 6.3M views in 24 hours, including a total of 137,397 concurrent viewers watching live during the premiere. Eight months after the premiere, the video reached 45.5M views, 642K likes, and 55K comments. In addition, through a fundraiser connected to the video directly on YouTube, it raised nearly $7K for The Organization for Autism Research. The video was also named by YouTube as the 6th most trending video of 2021.


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