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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Comedy Central Brand Social

Finalist in Entertainment


Comedy Central gives audiences access to a world of super funny, personally relatable, culturally relevant, and provocative comedy that tells the funny truths of life, every day and everywhere. From award-winning late-night, scripted and animated series to stand-up specials, short-form and sketch, Comedy Central has it all. Our goal is to leverage social to drive key business outcomes and to ensure our brand is a driving, tastemaking force in comedy and entertainment.

Strategy and Execution

We make groundbreaking digital-first comedy content featuring the next generation of comedians as well as beloved library IP recontextualized for Gen Z. This puts us on the forefront of culture and positions our brand as THE hub for online comedy.


Our in-house creative team develops social original creative to drive brand relevance and support our major business initiatives and brand priorities. Often this content includes major digital talent (in 2021, we published content with Hannah Stocking and Trevor Wallace, and shot with Adam Waheed for 2022 publishing).


We acquire projects from comedians and creators that we believe in to help bring their projects to life and/or get exposure to Comedy Central’s large digital audience. Highlights from our acquired series include:


Through our in-house Creators’ Initiative, we identify the future of comedy and bring these emerging comedians in-house to partner with our social creative team. In 2021, comedians and TikTok stars Andrea Lopez and Sahib Singh joined the team through this program.


Additionally, we have a steady stream of library IP and stand-up (often meme-ified for cultural resonance or edited into binge-worthy compilations), ongoing originals from both in-house and contracted creators, Twitch and YouTube streams, daily Twitter jokes in reaction to the trending news of the day, and bigger digital stunts to support our business priorities, including providing mental health education and resources for our audience in the wake of the pandemic.


The Comedy Central brand accounts brought in over 1.4 billion video views, 3.7 billion watch time minutes, and 43 million engagements on digital platforms in 2021, reaching 27 million social followers with a mix of digital-original series, repurposed show content, and acquisitions. 


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