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Chipotle- Can a Burrito

Finalist in Restaurants


Chipotle’s purpose isn’t just a slogan, it’s a mission to cultivate a better world. This mission weaves its way through the world, one person, one farm, one animal at a time. Through transparent data and aggressive time bound goals in three key areas of business (Food & Animals, People, and the Environment), Chipotle’s commitment to responsible business starts at the top and permeates all levels of its operations.


Chipotle proudly leads the corporate world in sustainable business practices, doing the right thing even when it’s the hard thing to ensure that the future of real food is sustained. And while many consumers know and love Chipotle for its real food and real purpose, many don’t realize the scale and scope of real change the brand is making on the wider food system.


On the world’s biggest advertising stage, our goal was to spotlight Chipotle’s belief that how we grow our food affects how we grow the future.

Strategy and Execution

If you want to change the future, you have to change the future of food. 

Chipotle knows that sourcing food with integrity and cooking fresh does not just make a better tasting burrito but makes for an investment in a better food system.

It is a story of years of effort. It is a complex story. A story about how a lot of things add up, and “make” up Chipotle’s burritos. Which makes the Chipotle story slightly harder to explain than “Fresh versus Frozen beef”, but it’s worth telling people that through the food choices they make, they change the future for us all. 

And our food system is under siege: 40x more farmers were lost than gained, 400MM acres of farmland will change ownership in the next five years, and young farmers do not have access to affordable land. As an added bonus the pandemic was wasting food crops.

So we showed how the Chipotle Real Food ecosystem was built, ever-evolves and makes sure food doesn’t go to waste. Leading by example and walking the talk. Investing in making food more local, more sustainable, more water-saving, soil-improving and less wasteful.

With the goal of keeping things light and earning A LOT of attention with every activity. 

We only had less than 3% of category share of voice, after all.*

All culminating with that slightly weird, yet important question during the Super Bowl. 

Can a burrito change the world?

It must. It has. And it will.


Chipotle’s Super Bowl spot proved that "doing good" is also good for business. Key results included: 


• Our creative activities earned us more than 7.2B earned impressions. Additionally, Chipotle’s financial end of year announcements, tying executive bonus to sustainability and diversity goals, would push this number well over 8B earned impressions and 13K earned articles.

• Chipotle’s stock price nearly doubled in the year following the campaign airing.

• Chipotle Rewards has grown to more than 20 million members.

• $2.5B+ in digital sales.


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Venables, Bell and Partners, Chipotle


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