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Betches Moms Brand Launch

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Betches is a female-led media and entertainment company among the Millennial and Gen Z audience. To service the wants and needs of their ever-evolving and maturing community, Betches created a new vertical for women who are thinking about having kids, getting pregnant and managing being a new mom — giving them a safe space to discuss topics that no one talks about in an honest, authentic way. 

The goal of Betches Moms is to give the audience resources, tips and relatable content that addresses stigmas around topics that society deems taboo and build a community of supportive moms. From postpartum depression to a couple’s sex life during pregnancy and what to do when your toddler figures out TikTok, no topic is off limits for the Betches Moms vertical. 

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Betches Moms was created to deliver unfiltered content and merchandise to moms. Overall, the strategy and execution of the Betches Moms brand fulfills the natural progression of the Betches audience - from dating and relationships to marriage, and now, motherhood. Betches strategically launched the brand on various platforms including Instagram, a podcast and branded merchandise - ensuring that the additional brand touchpoints were an additive and engaging experience for our audience. 

Betches intentionally launched Betches Moms Instagram first due to the platform’s ability paired with our content to drive rapid growth and market this new brand. The team ensured that every resource was available to their audience who needed help navigating this period of their life in a format that they consume their content.  

Following the social audience growth and audiences’ desire for more even more content, Betches launched the Betches Moms podcast in Spring 2021. Betches Moms produces a weekly podcast where hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine share stories and insights, interview guests and experts, and have honest conversations about being a mom. The podcast focuses on Aleen, Brittany and the occasional celebrity mom opening up to listeners and diving into the difficult, and sometimes gross, parts of being a mom help to remove the stigma that mothers need to be perfect. 

To support the announcement of Betches Moms, the team secured an exclusive with Romper to give additional insight into what the new vertical would cover under the Betches network and their goal of creating a supportive, Millennial mom group that could engage with one another in a variety of ways.

Additionally, Betches Moms includes a line of merchandise as another outlet to express themselves through branded clothing or household items. Moms can incorporate items from the line into their everyday lives and let everyone know what type of mom they are - definitely a “cool mom.”



Since the inception of the Betches Moms’ Instagram in September 2020, the account has amassed 273K followers with over 207M total social impressions and nearly10M feed post engagements. 

The Betches Moms podcast has grown over 30 percent since its first episode in April 2021 with 513K total lifetime downloads. On the podcast, the team has secured top-tier celebrity moms including Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Catherine Reitman, Busy Phillips, and Rebekka Minkoff on topics surrounding infertility, working mom guilt, and swearing around your kids. 

Betches Moms merchandise contributed to nearly 10 percent of “Shop Betches” merchandise sales and created a physical label for this strong mom community including product that brings to life the brand voice.

The success of Betches Moms can also be measured by the advertising revenue driven on this vertical, spanning partnerships across both non-endemic and endemic brands including Heineken 0.0, Hulu, Willow, Nature’s Bounty, and American Girl Doll. 

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