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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Bajaj Finserv - Savdhaan Rahein Safe Rahein

Finalist in Public Service Announcement, Emerging Platform Partnership


To tackle the rising state of cyber and other frauds, especially with the blue-collar target audiences, Bajaj Finserv, the largest financial conglomerate in India decided to come up with a Public Service Awareness campaign - Savdhaan Rahein Safe Rahein. As a campaign extension, we came up with an earworm/jingle:

Na Ji Na Ji jingle 

As a part of the campaign, we collaborated with micro-influencers on short video/infotainment platforms, where the jingle was used and a hook step was added with various fraud scenarios to spread awareness about how fraudsters trick the users into scams and how to be vigilant and stay safe from them. The campaign observed a massive user engagement as the message was spread through the jingle that was produced. The hook step was a key reason for users and followers of influencers to indulge in the fun activity and create videos of their own. 


The campaign was one of a kind in the Public Service Announcement category, which was able to hit the right/exact target audiences through its relatable and easy-to-understand messaging on the short-video and infotainment platforms (emerging platforms) like Josh & Chingari. 

The idea of producing the jingle Na Ji Na Ji to spread awareness became a hit and garnered a lot of user attention and as a result user-generated content was produced.


Strategy and Execution

The Challenge?

Mobile & Cyber Frauds are a problem because of the various mediums available, and less educated or aware people fall in the trap of fraudsters - mainly blue-collar audiences. 

With this campaign, we intended to educate and reach out to maximum users by amplifying the message regarding how cyber frauds happen, and how to be aware. We strategically launched the campaign on the infotainment and short video content platforms popular amongst tier 2,3,4 city users. 

How did we do it?

1. Production of video/jingle - Na Ji Na Ji Na Ji, which was launched across channels like audio streaming platforms (Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn) and also on short video platforms like - Josh & Chingari. 

2. Collaborating with micro-influencers who danced with a hook step on Na Ji Na Ji, while communicating the information



Mobile & Cyber frauds are a problem because of the various number of mediums available, and less educated or less aware people fall into the trap of the fraudsters -- mainly blue-collar audiences. 

To address this problem, we wanted to go beyond the regular Social Media platforms and tap on the emerging platforms, which are a hit amongst the blue-collar audiences in Tier 2,3 & 4 cities.

Everyone loves watching and making short videos on the TikTok-like short platforms. Here, platforms like Josh & Chingari were considered to launch the PSA campaign. 

We onboarded approx 100 influencers and developed a creative hook step to be performed on the Na Ji Na Ji Jingle, along with the tickers that appeared on the screen to educate the users.

We also launched a hashtag challenge & music on the trending section, which resulted in a lot of UGC content being generated. 



With police reports and Bajaj Finance's internal data, it was reported that cyber frauds (w.r.t to Bajaj's Finance's name) are on the rise. This lead the company to launch a Public Service Announcement campaign.

The target audience for this campaign is blue-collar individuals, for example - plumbers, electricians, bus and cab drivers, peons, daily-wage workers, etc. 

Short video/Infotainment social platforms like Josh, Chingari are emerging platforms for content creators and influencers, where a lot of short videos are consumed as content. These are of various nature - quirky, musical, comedy, etc. 

The approach was:

- Launch the jingle/video across platforms - social media, video platforms, audio-streaming & infotainment platforms. Have an integrated marketing approach 

- Collaborated with 100+ influencers on Josh & Chingari

- Send Push Notifications to users

- Audio was trending on the platform, which users used to generate their own content

- Hashtag challenge on Josh





Video for Bajaj Finserv - Savdhaan Rahein Safe Rahein

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Social Panga, Bajaj Finserv Ltd.


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