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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Babylist - Family & Parenting

Finalist in Family and Parenting

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Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming experience, so Babylist provides a customer experience focused on personalization to simplify the registry and education process. The company aims to add value to their customers’ needs by using data science to surface personalized product recommendations for expecting parents and providing expert advice on topics they search for the most. 

One result of this expert insight in action is the Babylist Bottle Box, the first of many sample boxes from Babylist. The team created their very own Babylist sample boxes with the goal of becoming the one-stop-shop solution for providing parents and gift givers alike. The Bottle Box, a giftable box of five popular baby bottles, specifically met this goal in two ways: it gave parents peace of mind and allowed them to “try before they buy”, and it gave loved ones another affordable gift option that really supported parents.

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Through panel discussions with customers, Babylist learned a common struggle for expecting parents was they weren’t able to test products prior to purchasing. While strollers can be taken for a test run before the baby comes, some items, like bottles and swaddles, cannot. With this feedback in mind, the Babylist team created a solution to the question many new parents keep asking: “How can I know which brand my baby will prefer?” They collaborated with the top-rated bottle brands to create their first go-to-market product: the Babylist Bottle Box, which saves new parents time and money by offering a variety of shapes and styles to try out with their baby. It’s now a great solution for people who tend to register for or buy a whole set of bottles, only to realize their baby doesn’t like them. 

Babylist Boxes started back in 2018 with the Bottle Box. The concept was to merchandise competing products together in order to solve a problem their customers were facing. Since this concept was completely new, it was initially a challenge to get brands to willingly agree to go head-to-head with their competition – and without proof of concept. Babylist managed to lock in five open-minded partners, but it was crucial to not delay the launch. The goal was to get the Bottle Box on the market, and then test, learn, and improve the product in real-time. It would have been easy to over-engineer the packaging and hire consultants to validate the concept, but Babylist trusted that they had a great idea and the perfect vehicle to bring it to life.


Babylist is driven by connection and empathy to deliver the best customer experience while parents prepare for their baby’s arrival. Since launching their first product, the Babylist Bottle Box, the team has gone on to create a variety of different sample boxes including the Swaddle Box, Pacifier Box, Diaper Box, Library Box, Sippy Cup Bundle and a First Aid Kit – which have consistently been Babylist’s top-selling products – so parents can test multiple items with their little ones.


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