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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

AJ+ Arabi Across Platforms

Audience Honor in Multi-Platform Presence


Finding good content synergies across multiple platforms is an ever-changing challenge. What content do we put where? Should everything be published on all the platforms? How do we serve the audience best, at scale?  

In AJ+, we mostly publish original, premium content that is produced for every platform natively. Audience expectations, needs they fulfill on the platforms, and the context in which they consume (laid-back, leaned forward while commuting or sitting at home, etc) are all taken into account when a content strategy is being developed. For example, the speed of Twitter, visual appeal of Instagram, or educational strength of YouTube and how to combine them are but simple examples of deliberations taken into account for every single piece of content produced and published.

Strategy and Execution

As AJ+ exists mostly on social media, we have to be very aware of how social media platforms operate and change. Strong cooperation with all of them is a significant part of our strategy development. We aim to predict changes and amend our plans before they happen. We have developed a detailed process for every premium piece of content produced where every idea goes through multiple steps of research encompassing brand fit, audience interest, platform suitability, resource allocation, and potential for success. Needles to say, the pitches also need to conform to the content strategy to be considered in the first place. This ensures that we check:
-      The proper use of Platform Features
-      Target Audience 
-      Audience Behavior 
-      Content format
-      Length and Quantity 
-      Topics of episodes
-      Community Moderation
-      Tone of Voice
-      Budgetary needs
-      Return on Investment (in terms of engagement) and
-      Long-term benefits for AJ+.

Since we have specific strategies for each platform, we also pay close attention to the synergy where the total effect is higher than the sum of its parts. We try hard to remain humble in the eyes of any success, understanding that performance on one platform doesn’t necessarily translate to success on the other.


AJ+ Arabi reached a tremendous amount of audience in 2021 across its accounts. As one of the most influential and successful news networks in the MENA region, AJ+ delivered 6.2 Million Impressions, generating 1.6 Billion views, 44.7 Million Watch-Hours, and gaining 2.5 Million followers/subscribers.


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AJ+ Arabi


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