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About Face - Utendahl Creative

Entered in Brand Identity


When we began working on About Face our primary goal was to create a cohesive social design style that aligns with (About Face Founder) Halsey’s personal aesthetic & values while maintaining its own distinct identity.  About-Face is a space where professional-level beauty artistry tools and DIY self-expression meet. Halsey’s self-taught beauty expertise inspired the development of long-lasting and highly pigmented formulas that demand to be layered and remixed. This is a notion we brought forward in the social design of the brand through a multidimensional mixture of analog & digital design techniques that communicated the “unapologetically real ‘’ grunge aesthetic of the brand on social media.

Note: overall brand identity developed by Concrete. 


We applied - Analog design techniques: hand drawn, painted & sprayed motifs, cut & paste collages, photocopied, scanned, scrunched, ripped and distorted image treatments and Digital design techniques: textured photo edits, glitched animation styles, loud & imperfect typography, bold color usage.


As a result, the unique mixture of analog and digital design styles within the social design of About Face allowed us to stand out among a sea of “picture perfect” clean beauty brands. This particular design style aligned with Halsey’s personal values of rejecting imposed beauty norms. Through embracing the imperfections within the design of each asset itself, we encourage our audience to embrace their own imperfections.

Our unique design and brand identity help catapult About Face into a household name - amassing 200K+ followers in under a year.


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Utendahl Creative, About Face


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