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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Babylist - 360 Video

Winner in 360 Video


Babylist Cribs, the company’s first-ever experiential and shoppable in-person pop-up took place in Venice, CA in January 2022. In the last year, over 8 million people have turned to Babylist’s curated marketplace and expert guidance to make purchases for the growing families in their life. Using these insights, Babylist outfitted a modern 3,300 square foot Los Angeles home with the latest baby and parenting must-haves, allowing Cribs guests to experience the latest in baby tech and lifestyle products in an inspirational and authentic environment. The team was thrilled with the event but also aware that the majority of people would have no way of visiting and benefiting from the activation.

To give more people the opportunity to experience Cribs, Babylist partnered with an emerging experiential e-commerce platform, Obsess, to launch the Babylist Cribs Virtual Showroom. The Babylist Cribs Virtual Showroom featured a shoppable experience for everyone involved in a growing family’s journey, from expecting parents looking to build their Babylist registry, to those who have growing little ones with new product needs, to grandparents looking to give the latest gadgets to their grandchildren, to friends and colleagues sharing their support. Babylist created this first-ever virtual store with the goal of giving parents-to-be and gift givers the ability to discover, explore and engage with an array of products in a realistic, 3D virtual home and then easily purchase or add those items to their registry.

Strategy and Execution

Virtual guests of the Babylist Cribs experience are able to travel through the entire house checking out a shoppable collection of strollers, car seats, sleep essentials, top play gear and more, clicking to learn and interact just as they might with items in a physical store. Visitors can also watch videos, read articles and dive deep into Babylist’s expert guides as they navigate the virtual store to make sure they have all the necessary information to make product decisions and add items to their registries.

Through the virtual showroom, Babylist is able to extend the life of its in-person pop-up and better to communicate with its customers about what’s needed for a new baby through the perfect combination of expert written content, education on what to look for to better understand products and their function through videos.


Babylist was successful in creating the first-ever virtual store where parents-to-be and gift givers could discover, explore and engage with dozens of brand partners and hundreds of products in a realistic, 3D virtual home and then easily purchase or add those items to their registry.

Since the in-person Cribs event was such a success, the goal was to bring the physical Cribs experience to everyday life and create a virtual registry that was both informative and shoppable. Through the in person Cribs experience, Babylist garnered 48M+ social impressions through celebrity and influencer partnerships, 21 high-quality press placements resulting in 1.4 billion impressions, and an 84 NPS. Event attendees loved the concept and appreciated the low pressure environment, engaging with the products in a home setting, and the friendly staff.

In order to give users across the map a continued experience, Babylist gave its community an entirely new way to learn about and interact with brand partners’ products, envision how items will look and function in their own home, and easily add them to their baby registry while simultaneously giving its brand partners an additional platform to reach customers. Babylist is already hearing from brands asking to be involved in the next virtual showroom experience.


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