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Babylist - Newsletters

Finalist in Newsletters


Babylist is an essential guide for the millions of new parents across the U.S. each year, with expert-led product comparisons, real parents’ recommendations for must-have products, and educational content that supports consumers as they begin their parenting journey. The main priority is to provide the most relevant product and content offerings to meet expecting and new parents where they are right now. 

Babylist’s newsletter combines data, expert advice, and real parent-tested reviews in order to equip expecting parents with the education they desire and personalized product recommendations they need. The goal of their newsletter is to give new and expecting parents the practical support and guidance they need to feel less overwhelmed and more confident during this exciting life stage. 


Early on, Babylist assembled an all-star editorial team of writers, researchers and editors to build the number one resource for new and expecting families. The arrival of a new child is a life stage that inspires a distinct set of consumer behaviors, with unique economics specific to each baby and their community. First-time parents often don’t know what they need for their baby and Babylist’s educational content plays a crucial role in informing parenting purchases. 

As true experts in the baby industry, Babylist's editorial team uses the newsletter to cut through the noise by featuring clear, comprehensive, and thoughtful content across categories that support the whole person, including financial, health & safety, and emotional content and product categories including feeding, diapering, nursery, clothing, and more. 

As with all editorial content Babylist creates, the goal of the newsletter is to give new and expecting parents the practical support and guidance they need.


Babylist evaluates a range of metrics to measure the success of the newsletter including open rate, click through rates, unsubscribe numbers and more, all showing strong indications of success. The newsletter reaches more than 2 million people each month, with even more engaging with the editorial content on the site and via social media.

All that being said, the honest feedback from subscribers is how the team determines their success. They’ve been told countless times that the Babylist newsletter is the only pregnancy newsletter worth reading. A tweet by @MissKatieBoe sums it up perfectly, writing, “I swear the Babylist marketing team (or whoever curates articles for their weekly newsletter) lives inside my brain and knows all of my thoughts and feelings.”


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