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2 Scientists Podcast

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Scientists Inc is a volunteer-run, nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to creating unique connections between people and science. Our volunteers consist of scientists and science fans who came together to share the love of science. We are a rapidly growing science outreach organization with one goal: make science more accessible to everyone. And we mean, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Inclusivity is the drumbeat of our little science-y hearts. 

Science education shouldn't end when you leave highschool. And the scientific research going on in your community shouldn't be shrouded in mystery. Too many people seem to think of scientists as stuck-up elites, comic-book villains or worse, when they're really just regular people. That's why we work to create science education for grown-ups that gives people the opportunity to learn about the real scientific discoveries happening day-to-day directly from the scientists doing the work. 

Strategy and Execution

The 2Scientists Podcast ( invites listeners to get to know their friendly neighborhood scientist. Each episode features a different scientist who is engaged in active research. The podcast answers the age-old question of what happens when two scientists walk into a bar (or pub or restaurant or ZOOM). Our host, Dr. Parmvir Bahia, enjoys a few beers with our guests and interviews them about their work - why it might be interesting or important, and how it could impact our lives.

From delving into the darkest secrets of the cosmos, to losing a sweater to a volcano, or finding out that squirrels fall in love - we give real-life scientists a platform to talk to people, as people. Making science and those who dedicate their lives to it, less mysterious and more like someone you'd grab a drink with.



We've interviewed dozens of scientists on a wide range of topics. Our podcast has reached about 5,000 downloads monthly and continues to grow. Our audience is engaged and interactive, zooming into open recording sessions, sending in questions, and giving us feedback on their favorite episodes. 

We're excited about the traction and hope to build on it, so that we can bring more science to more people, with a side of happiness.


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Scientists Inc


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