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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Games We Invented in Quarantine

Finalist in Instagram Video


With the pandemic just beginning our first order of business was figuring out how to shoot content quickly from home and this video was one of the earliest successes of that effort. It was also important for our brand to support ViacomCBS's efforts to promote staying safe during this uncertain time. To that end this piece of content was used to promote our #AloneTogether campaign: an effort to educate and entertain the newly homebound masses.

Strategy and Execution

By offering a funny take on the maddening task of simply filling our time in quarantine this video was a perfect piece of the #AloneTogether campaign. It would also help drive views and build awareness of our budding internal talent (Jordan Mendoza) and the his conveniently quarantined comedy partner (Gwyn Ballard). Additionally having all of those resources internally allowed Jordan to write, shoot and edit the video quickly and brilliantly. The piece would effectively weave the call-to-action (or call to inaction in this case) into a series of funny and relatable moments that allowed for quick laughs and relatably shareable content.


The video was a smash hit with 1.5 million views and even more engagement. It got the ball rolling on our remotely produced content and inspired a number of comedians we'd been developing relationships with to pop in and pitch their own self shot content. The piece's unique format also helped inspire and develop Jordan Mendoza's distinctive style which we utilized throughout the year across a number of platforms to resoundingly positve results.


Video for Games We Invented in Quarantine

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