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Thrillist on Snapchat

Finalist in Snapchat Presence

About this entry

Thrillist is the leading lifestyle brand for awesome people everywhere. Through our coverage of food, drink, travel, and entertainment we inspire millions to get out there and live life to the Thrillist, across state lines, international borders and platforms. Our exuberant encouragement reaches adventure-seekers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and of course, Snapchat. 

Thrillist’s Snapchat Discover channel set out to encourage the next generation of experiencers to get the most out of their life, whether that be experiencing something outside of their comfort zone, or learning a fun new fact to bring to a party. With a priority on highly engaging, entertaining and shareable content revolving around food, travel and internet culture, our goal is to provide a unique point of view of the world and all its best offerings --  custom-tailored for the Snapchat audience.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Everything we make for Snapchat is created for a young and cool, yet relatable person. We’re never snobby, elitist, or negative, but we do love to make someone laugh, and give every person something new to put on their bucket list. Our content, custom-built for our primarily Gen-Z audience, is entertaining, silly, interactive, and educational. Our team focused the channel strategy on maintaining and growing audience engagement through visually compelling storytelling and interactive features such as polls and quizzes.

Our Snap audience expects something new and different with each new edition, so we constantly push ourselves to think outside of what we know works to find new content types and design tweaks that will keep our channel thrilling.

Every minute counts in life, and our snackable guides to travel destinations, outlandish foods and cultural moments provide the push our audience needs to get out and go, alone or with a friend, to a movie or a distant country. With video as our primary medium, Thrillist’s producers are able to take the audience along for a very fun ride into today’s world -- from a first-person ride on a mountain coaster to a deep dive into the evolution of viral dances and songs of the decade. Oh, and don’t forget the flaming, gooping, over-the-top foods.


We now have a dedicated and loyal fan base who return time and time again for tips on how to make the most of life.


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