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The Tylt + PRØHBTD: Sweet, Savory, Snoop Dogg

Finalist in Polls & Surveys


​​​​​​As a digital media company that has taken an audience-first approach to publishing, The Tylt uses thought-provoking questions as the focal point of its storytelling. The Tylt specializes in crafting creative and topical editorial polls that audiences care about and can vote on in real-time. The Tylt allows audiences to view these results via custom trackable hashtags through a patented algorithm across its website and social media. In addition to curating editorial content that falls in line with its polling categories (entertainment, culture, politics, and sports), The Tylt helps brands creatively use its brand messaging to create high-impact editorial content, resourcefully positioning you in front of the right audience of highly engaged, influential brand ambassadors.

PRØHBTD, a cannabis-focused digital media company, enlisted the help of The Tylt in a social media campaign to help the company broadcast its brand messaging in front of cannabis enthuisiants and grow its newsletter audience. The campaign goals included driving brand awareness, visitors to its site and newsletter sign-ups. The Tylt surpassed campaign goals: Instead of reaching a benchmark of 300 email sign-ups, the marketing team accumulated 1,323 email sign-ups – 4x the intended goal.

Strategy and Execution

​​​​​​In order to help PRØHBTD broadcast its brand messaging and cannabis recipe offerings, The Tylt’s editorial team created a series of polls to define and showcase two sides to the debate: Sweet or Savory edibles? To bring awareness to this debate, The Tylt utilized influencer marketing by partnering with Snoop Dogg, an American rapper and marijuana advocate. They also strategically placed a number of ads with its poll question to reach the target audience and aggregate opinion on the subject. 

This strategy is unique because most brands do not have the resources to tap into millennial and Gen Z opinion in real-time, create organic engagement across multiple social media platforms and generate successful results.The Tylt was able to provide immediate opinion data on accompanied by data visualizations with every new vote.

The campaign was also unique in that The Tylt provided users with a resource to become more informed on the intersection of the political landscape with the marijuana industry. In addition to determining its audience’s preferences, The Tylt created a series of polls asking users for their opinion on marijuana legalization, such as “Do you support legalizing marijuana for personal use or the tax revenue?” Within the polls, The Tylt team incorporated links to informational pages on PRØHBTD’s website to allow users to get up to speed on the issues. The Tylt took these results and created a co-branded infographic that was distributed across all platforms. 

With the goal of driving newsletter subcribers, The Tylt hosted a co-branded giveaway across its site and social that gave away a year of MunchPak. The MunchPak was chosen with the intention of attracting the targeted audience for PRØHBTD

Along with paid promotion, the social team created co-branded instagram story strategy that distributed PRØHBTD's brand to a new audience. Included in this strategy was a weed trivia game and the best edibles bracket that encouraged users to play along with the brand.

The Tylt curated opinion about cannabis in a way that appealed to both millennial and Gen Z audiences through targeting editorial polls and promoted engagement on multiple social media channels to help PRØHBTD foster engagement with its brand. As a value add, The Tylt also determined its audience’s edible preference – insights which the company will use to better inform their brand messaging, strategy and effectiveness. This type of research and engagement is unique to The Tylt, and results in highly accurate, organic responses from millennials and Gen Z consumers on their preferred type of edible and stance on marijuana legalization.


​​​​​​The Tylt’s work with PRØHBTD was one of the most successful examples of branded campaigns produced in 2019. The Tylt received over 500,000 impressions and 20,000 engagements – in a span of just 33 days – across its social media accounts. The campaign surpassed its newsletter subscriber goal by over 4x. This campaign was unique in that The Tylt provided its audience with a resource to become more informed on the political landscape in the marijuana industry. By taking the pulse of audience opinions through a combined polling and influencer strategy, The Tylt helped PRØHBTD bring organic engagement to its brand, drive meaningful subscriber growth and determine its audience’s edible preference to better inform a brand strategy. The Tylt surpassed its campaign goals.  


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The Tylt


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