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Special Project

Special Project
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The TryPod - The Try Guys Podcast

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As an Ensemble cast, The Try Guys come together to push the boundaries of comfortability. Together they challenge each other to step outside of their comfort zones by trying things they normally wouldn't do in the most hilariously entertaining ways possible. They may not always succeed at the task at hand, but by taking these big risks they've found the hidden power in fucking up. In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living out of both trying and failing. By exploring life through the philosophy of "You'll never know until you try," The Try Guys allow their audience to experience these relatable moments with them and encourage others to become the best versions of themselves through the power of "Try."


Strategy and Execution

The Try Guys podcast, The TryPod, aims to reach their audience through what we call edutainment (education + entertainment.) We give our listeners an exclusive look into what happens behind the scenes at The Try Guys company. The guys talk about what it's really like creating content for Youtube. They delve into how the content they make is and has affected their lives in positive ways, while also covering exactly how exactly the content is made. In doing so they educate their audience on a myriad of topics depending on what they're trying that week. Their audience gets a deeper understanding of The Guys, their content and the world of production all through the lens of The TryPod. 


The Try Guys have grown so much since their days at BuzzFeed. They’ve started their own company, written a number one New York Times Best Selling book, and put together a live comedy musical extravaganza that they’ve toured across the country and will now be taking across the world to Australia and Singapore; all while still producing fantastic hilarity for their digital audiences across all platforms. One of which, being their weekly podcast that covers anything and everything they're out there trying! In becoming their own brand they’ve also been able to bring on an extremely talented production staff and editors to their “Try Team,” who have helped elevate their content to what it is today. The edits come together to create some of the most enjoyable internet comedy there is to offer. Don’t believe us? Give it a good old fashioned “Try” and see for yourself. 


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The Try Guys


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