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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

The Attentive Host on Facebook

Finalist in Facebook Presence

About this entry

Copenhagen Airport’s goal is to be ‘The Attentive Host’ and Facebook plays an integral part in making this ambition come true. We want to present inspirational, entertaining and practical content to all travellers, so that we can add value and be a pleasant part of their journey. With an 82% response-rate and by responding quickly to the traveller’s inquiries, we have established a relationship at eye level.

In 2019, the focus for Copenhagen Airport (CPH) was to strengthen all content on the Facebook page within content management, film productions and campaigns.

Our Facebook page continues to create the broadest reach amongst our other social media channels. The page covers many diverse business areas such as shopping, restaurants, parking services, TAX FREE, and much more. We set the perfect scene for travelling by inspiring travellers to arrive early in the airport to relax, indulge, and enjoy themselves.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

By the end of 2019 (Q4), we launched a new social media strategy across all platforms. We wanted to become even more rigorous and create content to specific key audiences. Instead of dividing our content into commercial vs. non-commercial messaging, we decided to focus on the purpose of the content. This ensured more diverse messaging, which strengthened our direct communication with travellers.

As an airport, we aim to service all travellers in Denmark. But in 2019 we shifted our focus from thinking in leisure and business travellers in order to communicate more broadly. This way, we made sure not only to communicate to niche groups. We created geotargeted ads talking directly to travellers in the airport with here-and-now messages in order to personalize the airport experience. Furthermore, we wanted to create bespoken content based on traveller’s behaviour on our website. If a traveller visited ‘Departures’ or ‘Arrivals’ on www.cph.dk, they were met with an Instant Experience format communicating “All you need to know about your travel soon” with a call to action to click and learn more.

In 2019 our content was 70% non-commercial messages, covering everything from ‘CPH Moment’ film productions to practical information regarding the security check-point etc. While 30% of content conveyed commercial messages, including both the Shopping Centre, Food and Beverage and TAX FREE.

This way, we succeeded in keeping a strong focus on entertaining and inspiring our audience, while maintaining a high level of information needed for a pleasant travel. Also, we expanded the experience of Copenhagen Airport by sharing its secrets and less known facts.

It is very important for us to keep evolving and exposing our followers to high-quality content. We want to spoil them on our social media platforms, but also physically in the airport. In general, high production value films make up 70% of all content, which elevates our organic performance and brings us closer to our followers’ hearts.

In August during the Copenhagen Pride Week, we decorated the airport in bright Pride colours, created a rainbow photo wall at the baggage-claim area and handed out Copenhagen Pride flags, stickers and programs to welcome the many visitors coming to Copenhagen. On Facebook, we shared a film with the reactions and changed our profile picture to show our Pride support.

For the busy summer period, we created a campaign called “#ReadyFor…” and had real Airport Butlers taking care of our travellers. A film covering this became that season’s hero film. Our CPH Moments are still going strong. In this format we show a keen interest in our travellers’ lives – spoiling them with surprises at the airport – and in July 2019, our ‘CPH Moment – The Proposal’ sat an all-time record in the number of total organic impressions.


In 2019, Copenhagen Airport’s Facebook presence created remarkable results. We saw an increase in fanbase of nearly 9%. Our main target group, women aged 25-34, make up for >15% – equivalent to 3,2% of the Danish population.

With an average engagement-rate of 8,4%, we succeeded in delivering relevant content. 195 posts were spread throughout the year in a mix of commercial and non-commercial content.

Our average fan reach per post were 15%, where the average across the EMEA-region is 1-2%, proving that we continue to have a strong community.

‘CPH Moment – The Proposal’ became our top-performing videopost on Facebook with 1,337,798 organic impressions. More than 36K people watched the entire film scoring us an average watch-time of 29seconds – and an engagement-rate of 12% – proving high-quality content can live organically.

85% of our Facebook-fans agree, that CPH has an overall good reputation and are proud of the airport in general. More so, 70% of fans agree that our content is relevant, inspiring 40% to arrive earlier to the airport. Our Facebook-fans even have a higher tendency of shopping more at the airport than non-fans. We see 38-42%-points higher penetration from our Facebook-fans compared to the average passenger across the categories; Specialty Stores, Food & Beverages, and TAX FREE.

We ended 2019 with a total reach of 35 million – 77,5% being organic. The total reach corresponds to an average reach per post of 180K. These results confirm that our position as ‘The Attentive Host’ has been further solidified.


Video for The Attentive Host on Facebook

Produced by

Marvelous, Copenhagen Airport


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