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PBS KIDS "Toddler Frustrations"

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PBS KIDS launched Toddler Frustrations (#PBSKIDSDecoded) in November 2019. This is a social-first campaign that tackles 11 common parenting challenges and gives parents and caregivers practical strategies they can use right now! The scenarios cover a range of situations, such as managing meltdowns, what to do when your child says something embarrassing to strangers in public, picky eating, sibling harmony and encouraging their passions. Each scenario is formatted into four different cards: one problem card and three solution cards.

The solution cards offer parents, caregivers,  and even pre-school teachers, words they can use to calm a toddler having a tantrum, breathing techniques to help when everyone is frustrated, tips to soothe a child that just had a nightmare and strategies to get kids to try a new food with words from “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” But most importantly, these cards provided reassurance that what the adults -- and toddlers – are experiencing is developmentally appropriate.


Strategy and Execution

The 11 toddler frustration scenarios were selected based on conversations with parents and caregivers at PBS station events across the country, analysis of traffic and engagement on PBS KIDS social pages, and advice from social-emotional learning and educational curriculum advisors!

In creating these assets, we worked with several social-emotional learning advisors to craft solutions that are developmentally appropriate, while also being mindful of children who are not neuro-typical. Knowing that one resource can’t address the needs of every child, the social media posts also point to additional resources in the “PBS KIDS for Parents: Child Development Tracker.”

These scenarios were shared on Tuesdays on the PBS KIDS Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages from November 5 to January 14. The holiday season is a time when families are together more, routines are different and the need to stop a tantrum or keep siblings getting along are higher.

The 11 Scenarios included:

Managing Meltdowns

Dealing with Nightmares

Raising Curious Kids

Dealing with Picky Eaters

Raising Good Helpers

Dealing with Undressing

Supporting Your Toddler's Passions

Celebrating Sibling Harmony

Encouraging Sharing

Helping Children Dress Appropriately

Calming Frustrated Toddlers


Overall, responses to this campaign have been positive. Parent comments include:

“This is actually really interesting and gives genuinely good advice for those [unknowledgeable] with children. Please make more stuff like this!”

“These things do work, more than 1/2 the time. I guess persistence is key…”

“We practice deep breathing already, but I love the idea of birthday candle fingers! My 4yo would really get into that!”

“This popped up exactly as my toddler was having an exhausted meltdown... coincidence? #StopListeningToMeFacebook”

“I like these tips/reminders! Especially with Aiyana, who gets frustrated a lot lately! 💆🏻‍♀️”


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PBS Children's Media and Education


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