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Finalist in Game Apps

About this entry

Overloot is a fast-paced puzzle RPG where players must defeat hordes of monsters using only their hero’s inventory. This humorous game spins traditional RPG mechanics on their heads by making the inventory the main controls. 

By combining a perfectly balanced gameplay, the nuanced complexity of the puzzle game and a captivating roguelike role-playing,  Overloot is a hybrid experience available on the mobile market.

This uniqueness is what makes Overloot accessible to a wide range of players. With Overloot, we believe there is an opportunity to broaden our audience by combining RPG aspects with casual puzzling and idle gaming. Overloot’s main target audience is General Public (13+), men and women.

The objective of Overloot is to acquire players and position itself as a fresh new puzzle game in the mobile stores.

Based on the learnings and research we got from our experience, promotional activities focus on: App Stores Featuring / Relationship, Gaming Events, Influencers, Media & PR, Social Media and Paid User Acquisition.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Overloot is a fast-paced inventory management puzzle game. Our goal was to make the game very accessible to players by ensuring that each levels were short and could be completed in real-time as a snackable entertainment.

In Overloot, monsters drop tons of loot that players can merge to make more powerful items and free up room in their backpack. Players must be careful not to Overloot. If their backpack overflows, the Thief will come steal some of their stuff.

The Hero will need to be equipped with armor and weapons to defeat the King’s monster hordes. Players must manage their inventory and keep their Hero suited and equipped to prevail against the monsters and the Evil King. 

Based on an award-winning concept, Overloot is a humorous game that satisfies the need of quick and fun game sessions, all the while progressing through the game in the process.




The results of our work were conclusive and it successfully met our team's objectives and goals. Overloot was featured as the Game of the Day on the App Store in January which had tremendous results and positioned Overloot as one of the top game on the App Store.

As per our marketing strategy, we launched Overloot during major gaming event, such as the MIGS + MEGA and PAX South. It did drive a lot of game awareness from potential players, but also from media and influencers from which we've received good coverage.
The title has been steadily shining with an approximate 4.6 stars rating since its release.


Video for Overloot

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BKOM Studios


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