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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

It Was All A Dream!

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About this entry

Dreamland Chocolates is a decadent infused cannabis edible chocolate brand that was looking to stand out amongst the industry norms of packaging design. The concept was to use real people, real photographs and real props to create surreal packaging and launch a social media presence with whimsical and surreal photography. 

From concept to launch, heads were in the clouds while designing the whimsical packaging for Dreamland Chocolates. Each of the eight flavor designs were meticulously executed to make consumers’ dreams run wild. The design caught the attention of the prestigious Clio Awards. We won their cannabis category for outstanding Brand Design in Packaging.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

As a reputable entertainment complex and dispensary in Las Vegas, Planet 13 has created a brand that is well-known all over the world and on social media for being a top cannabis destination in Nevada.

The current title holder for largest dispensary in the world, Planet 13 launched various new brands in 2019 in an attempt to diversify their offerings and become vertically integrated. They started this effort by launching Dreamland Chocolates. The first-of-its-kind edible chocolate brand was designed to provide unique whimsical flavors with surreal packaging for an unforgettable dream come true experience. 

With this in mind, we needed to create an Instagram account incorporating the dreamy elements of the brand packaging and the design of the brand that would reflect its upscale approach in a crowded market category. 

What was our dream feed?

Create a dreamlike approach and feel, but still maintain a sense of realism. By juxtaposing real photos and imagery in surreal surroundings, our team used a methodology that defied physics to create a style never seen before in the industry. 

How did we make it come true? 

We showcased real props and real people to create dream-like imagery. There was no prop too small or too large to create the whimsy we were looking for. We created visually stimulating content to showcase the elements of each flavor of chocolate. We utilized real-life props and custom set designs to showcase the product through still photography. The social content was amplified organically, and used in print, web and traditional media.  

Every photo used is custom composited to showcase the idealization and realism of the brand.


Award-winner of the elusive Clio Cannabis Award for Brand Design and Packaging.

Increased website traffic by 357% since the brand launch.

Increased search intent around the product category by 56.7%.

Increased positive brand social sentiment for the parent brand by 87%. 

Established a loyal fan base.  

The brand became a top 3 seller in its product category in-store within 90 days of launch.

Created an in-store retail experience modeled after the design of the brand packaging to create instagrammable moments by offering a behind the scenes view of the chocolate-making and packaging process.


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Artisans On Fire, Dreamland Chocolates


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