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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Darknet Diaries

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The Darknet Diaries podcast brings to the light, true stories from the dark side of the internet. Stories from hackers or those who have been hacked. Because everyone is buzzing about hackers in society today, this show learns into the stories to interview the people responsible for some of the hacks we've seen in the news. So we can get an in depth and personal look into what is the rest of the story behind a hack. During the storytelling process a lot of lessons are learned and technical aspects are taught, creating a learning environment that even 8 year olds find fascinating to listen to.

Strategy and Execution

Host Jack Rhysider previously was a network security engineer, and has been tuned into this world for over a decade. He has a keen eye for what stories are intriguing and worth telling. The people who are interviewed for the show are sometimes people who have never publicly told their story, which gives listeners a truly unique listening experience. To hear first hand about an incident which was covert in nature creates gripping audio that fans adore.


The Darknet Diaries podcast has grown organically to now have over 200,000 listeners. Fans leave comments about how much the show has impacted them and helped them. Such as people switching careers to go into information security. Parents being able to better educate their children on the safety of the internet. And organizations realizing just how dangerous it is to have an unsecured network. The work we do at Darknet Diaries has created safer networks around the world as well as helped many individuals practice safe online security. Because nobody wants to be the next guest on Darknet Diaries.


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Darknet Diaries


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