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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Current x Korporate - "A Bank Account Without Dealing with The Bank"

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Current is a mobile bank built to meet the needs of people who have been overlooked by the traditional banking industry. Current has partnered with hundreds of YouTubers to promote Current’s personal checking accounts, with a focus on sponsored integrated content that’s genuinely entertaining and enjoyable for the viewers. There’s no better example of this than Current’s 2019 campaign with Korporate, Chicago’s favorite YouTuber.

Korporate first started posting his infamous series “Black Chicago Be Like” as short skits produced in parts for Facebook. After he brought these skills over to YouTube, his content took off. #BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries shows life in Chicago on the city's south and west sides that are typically disregarded or misrepresented in the media. Korporate films on his iPhone and voices over the audio post-production while editing. He mixes drama, comedy, and real-life events and lessons with friends, family, local businesses...and Current. His series has hit over 200M views and has created a dedicated following across YouTube and his other social media accounts.

Current has become a regular feature in the series over the past year, establishing themselves as a character in the series, whether that is coming through in the clutch with a two day faster direct deposit or instantly refunding gas station holds on your debit card.

Strategy and Execution

Current’s Marketing Team has a decades worth of experience working with influencers and understands that no one knows how to reach their audience better than the creator themselves.

Current encourages the influencers they sponsor to create content that is authentic and to focus more on relating to their fans than hitting every last talking point. This means giving the influencers near total freedom to discuss and integrate Current in the style they deem best and most relevant. This may mean more work than just reading a script, but it results in better outcomes for the fans, influencers, and Current.

By creatively integrating Current into the storyline of his series, Korporate has been able to keep the authenticity and unique feel of his videos while highlighting different use cases of Current (“You ain’t ever heard of the Current Card!?”). Current’s mission is to create better financial outcomes for people and their unique lives - Korporate has helped them deliver that in the most fitting of ways.


Current & Korporate saw great results from the multi-video campaign: 


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Current - The Bank For Modern Life


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