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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

M Live: Real-Time Hotel Bookings

Finalist in Data Visualization

About this entry

Marriott International's real-time command center, M Live, is on a mission to find innovative ways to showcase our data in a creative, dynamic and interactive manner. M Live was created to unify our brands and marketing disciplines in order to drive engagement with our next generation of travelers. The backbone of M Live is a suite of real-time technology powered by internal and external data sources. M Live was sitting on a wealth of internal data which was challenging to access, cumbersome to digest, and far from visually appealing. As such, M Live’s challenge to address was determining an approach for how to surface this data, harness it and create meaningful, relevant visualizations to benefit stakeholders across the organization. These stakeholders included our Digital team, Customer Experience team, Paid media team, as well as our M Live Global Hubs which span North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and Africa. 

Marriott partnered with our Digital team, and Customer Experience (CX) teams as well as Adobe to create a suite of dashboards to be shared with Associates as well as featured in our M Live Global Hubs.  These dashboards provided access to our guests’ search and destination travel behavior as well as real-time room bookings and understanding our booking channels both direct (on Marriott channels) and indirect (non-Marriott) channels.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

M Live’s ultimate vision was to launch innovative thought-provoking data visualizations that were easily digestible for viewers. The M Live team partnered with Digital and CX teams internally to identify data sources, both internal data warehouses and externally with Adobe Analytics. The collaborative team defined requirements to showcase on these dashboards. After careful vetting and alignment, M Live designed, created and visualized eye catching, sleek dashboards that both novice and experts alike in the hospitality space could understand.

The Source + Destination Dashboard has a variety of engaging features.  These dashboards:

The Room Bookings Dashboard as a whole showcases Room Bookings Today, Room Bookings Year To Date visualized on a map as well as the Top 10 Cities Booked today, and Top 10 Marriott Brands Booked Today.  There is an hourly uptick for bookings today as well.

The Room Bookings Dashboard has been enhanced in 2019 to visualize the breakdown of Direct and Indirect Channel Bookings.  Direct channels indicate rooms booked via Marriott-owned booking channels (ie as opposed to Indirect channels which indicates rooms booked via non-Marriott booking channels such as OTAs.


M Live successfully achieved our team’s objectives for this initiative.  We unearthed data that was difficult to access, challenging to understand and lacked visual appeal.  We then deployed these dashboards to our stakeholders who could leverage the data to inform their marketing decisions across the spectrum from Digital, Customer Experience, Paid Media, Content Creation, Social, and Distribution. These dashboards are now showcased in our M Live Global Hubs and at the fingertips of our Associates.


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Marriott International

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