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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Adobe for Education: Igniting Creativity in the Classroom

Winner in Mid-Range Media Buying Strategy

Audience Honor in Mid-Range Media Buying Strategy


Technology is changing and evolving the job market at a rate that leaves students' futures unclear - increasing the importance of creative thinking and problem solving in education. Adobe is the perfect classroom partner - they equip educators with tools that help students build essential digital literacy and problem-solving skills, preparing them to communicate their ideas in the classroom and beyond.  

Adobe was looking for a way to reach educators directly, get them to engage with their educational resources, and turn them into advocates for creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud within their institutions. But how do you reach K-12 educators who are busy keeping up with the day-to-day, in-the-moment needs of their classroom and are less digitally accessible than other audiences? Our social research proved that when educators plan, they turn to Pinterest to discover inspiration and tested resources, making Pinterest the perfect platform for the brand. 

Adobe re-launched their Pinterest profile to help provide teachers with real value through inspiration at every stage of their teaching journey, and leveraged a sound paid strategy to generate awareness of their new and improved boards and ensure their content would reach teachers at scale, when they needed inspiration the most.

Strategy and Execution

Teachers, no matter their subject or level, have something in common. They care about their students and want to equip and empower them as best they can. But not all teacher’s content needs are the same. Teachers are going on their own journey - some may have an established teaching style, but need tactical skills. While others may find themselves in need of re-crafting their approach to the classroom entirely. Peer-created pins provided on all of those occasions. But while they offered authenticity, they lacked trusted expertise and technical skill building. 

We crafted a two-pronged Pinterest paid media strategy, Always-On and Seasonal, to provide teachers with Adobe’s expertise and their plethora of skill building resources through driving mass awareness of Adobe Creative Cloud and Education Exchange resources. 


We started with an evergreen, always-on, approach to ensure Adobe would stay top-of-mind among educators and be an ongoing source of expertise for them. This kick-off campaign featured 5 pins, each with notable creative variations, from our brand new resource boards Science, Creative Thinking in the Classroom, and Elementary School Art and was targeted to educators that had interests and search queries that aligned with each board’s theme. The campaign ran for a total of 6 weeks and generated over 3M impressions and 26k engagements. Additionally, we were able to glean actionable insights into the board themes and pin creative that resonated with the target audience most. Those learnings were then applied to future iterations of the Evergreen campaign for optimal performance.  


We then implemented a second strategy for two additional boards — Back to School and Earth Day  —  a seasonal approach focused on speaking to teachers during key cultural moments throughout the school year, when they’re actively searching for inspiration to create relevant lesson plans and classroom activities. 

Earth Day: We launched our first iteration of a seasonal campaign in the weeks leading up to Earth Day, featuring pins that targeted educators specifically searching for Earth Day inspiration to relevant lesson plans and classroom ideas. Given the campaign ran for 2 weeks leading up to Earth Day, it garnered very strong results - generating over 2M impressions and 16K engagements. 

Back to School: Our second iteration of the campaign supported the Back to School board which allowed Adobe to reach educators with valuable and inspirational pin content as they began to plan curriculum for the upcoming school year. While most Back to School campaigns on the platform were geared towards reaching consumers on Pinterest, Adobe took advantage of the opportunity to reach educators at scale while they were in the planning mindset. The campaign ran around 5 weeks and garnered over 24K engagements with an Adobe benchmark breaking engagement rate of 4.36% and 3K clicks.


Educator’s response on the platform solidified that Adobe was truly fulfilling their needs. The Evergreen and Seasonal Pinterest campaigns created the following impact:  



Earth Day

 Back to School 

Both the evergreen and seasonal campaigns were a huge success, that Adobe continued to maintain an always-on campaign and leverage seasonal campaigns to take advantage of key moments on the platform when educators are actively searching for curriculum and lesson plan ideas.


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We Are Social, Adobe


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