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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards


Audience Honor in Real Estate


#TheLifeWeShare was about bringing people together and reminding everyone that the life we share together is full of moments of joy. We encouraged our real estate brokers and community to head over to Instagram and use #TheLifeWeShare + tag atproperties to share their moments with us for a chance to win a new local experience every week.

The goal of #TLWS was to generate traffic to our social media pages, specifically our Instagram page (atproperties) while also serving as a friendly reminder to our Chicagoland community that together, with each other's help, we can create and share a better life.

Another internal goal behind this campaign was to educate our brokers and help familiarize them with Instagram. Providing the brokers with the knowledge of Instagram advertising was simply another tool we felt they would benefit from.

Strategy and Execution

The strategy behind #TheLifeWeShare was to attract our audience using noteworthy photography matched with witty and encouraging tag-lines. The campaign appeared throughout print ads in our local newspapers and magazines and also targeted the Chicagoland area via social media and digital ads.

Every Monday a new local experience was announced as a giveaway and every Friday two winners were chosen. Conducting a weekly giveaway helped keep our campaign relevant and our audience engaged. Prizes included tickets to a Chicago Cubs game, gift cards to some of Chicago's top restaurants, a one-night stay at Chicago's Waldorf Astoria and much more.

Local social media influencers also joined in on the fun and helped spread the word.

Our internal strategy for #TheLifeWeShare was somewhat simple - get our staff and brokers involved. We have some of the most passionate people working for our company and we knew that they would find this campaign fun and would be eager to participate.


The positive feedback and results we received from this campaign were overwhelming. Our Instagram followers number jumped as locals wanted to win the giveaways, the engagement was over 3k and we had a reach of over 25k.

Not only did our social media presence grow but the sense of joy and happiness that we wanted to share with our company and community was reciprocated. We saw everything from proposals to weddings, graduations and birth announcements, special moments with children and family as well as pets, there were A LOT of pets.


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