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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Michael Kors: Facebook Messenger Chatbot (Michael Kors Concierge)

Winner in Facebook Messenger


With automated messaging on the rise and over 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger, Michael Kors focused its efforts in 2018 on developing and launching an enhanced chatbot for its global audience. The brand had three main objectives: to build brand affinity for Messenger users by increasing brand knowledge and providing personalized experiences; to drive consideration for new and existing customers through product discovery and aspirational storytelling; and to provide answers to frequently asked questions through automation for a deeper customer care experience.

Each experience in the chatbot aligns with different parts of the brand's marketing funnel and goals. The bot allows customers to explore brand content and find answers to their questions, all while keeping them engaged within Messenger. Metrics of success include total users who open a thread or interact with the chatbot, containment rate and percentage of people who get handed off to a customer care agent.

Strategy and Execution

Since the Facebook and Michael Kors communities are global, the chatbot was built with tiered experiences, the availability of which is based on a user's location. After selecting a location (U.S. or Other), users are presented with a menu of options which trigger various content journeys.

Globally available content includes an inside look at New York Fashion Week, offering users the chance to watch the Spring 2019 Michael Kors Collection runway show live via Facebook livestream, shop select influencers' looks as seen in the front row and take a behind-the-scenes view via backstage video content. "Destination Kors" content is also available on a global basis and aligns to the brand's jet set DNA, inspiring users to book their next getaway based on Michael's recommendations. The flow features a "travel quiz" which leads users to travel guides for nine global destinations.

In addition to the two global experiences, users in the U.S. also have the opportunity to shop and discover new products. The "New Arrivals" flow provides consumers with three guided-selling experiences. These include Kors Style, featuring seasonal head-to-toe shoppable looks styled by Michael himself; a "Find My Whitney" guide encouraging users to browse and shop the Whitney handbag by silhouette; and a "Michael Kors Access" flow highlighting the Runway smartwatch styles, functionalities, tutorial videos and user-generated content.

Lastly, within the "KorsVIP" block, users can learn about the brand's loyalty program and benefits, join the program and download the iOS/Android app.

At any point, users can type in a free-text manner with questions or product searches (ex: "I want a red purse") to which the chatbot will provide answers and highlight products available on

Additionally, during the holidays, Michael Kors offered fans a personalized gifting experience, solidifying the brand as a key gifting destination. In the "Holiday Gift Guide," users identified who they were shopping for and what style they were looking for (style type, color preference and favorite metal/hardware color). Based on the answers, the chatbot displayed unique gift options across product categories and at multiple price points.

Lastly, the U.S. chatbot has a Customer Service portal with over 100 FAQs spanning various topics. It can also connect users to a customer service team member, in the case that automation cannot solve the issue at hand. Once resolved, users are encouraged to take a CSAT survey that rates the service they received.

To enhance and tailor the users experience in Facebook Messenger, messages are sent periodically to those who have interacted with the chatbot.

To access the Michael Kors Facebook Chatbot, click here:


Since its launch, the brand has garnered over 375,000 total active users with an average of 45,000 new users per month. Not only has the chatbot successfully attracted new users, it also continues to contain users within the automated experience with an average containment rate of 98.32%, indicating that almost all who enter are staying in the chatbot rather than having their inquires directed to a customer service agent.

Additionally, the Michael Kors chatbot has received some notable press including write-ups in L2, Forbes and WWD.


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