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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

MELT & Coca-Cola: College Gameday Snapchat

Finalist in Snapchat


In partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, MELT's job was to create social media programming around Coca-Cola's sponsorship of ESPN College Gameday that cut through the noise of other sponsors and resulted in engaged, sharing fans. MELT wanted to create a unique social media campaign, using Coca-Cola's existing assets with ESPN College Gameday, creating relevant and engaging content.

Strategy and Execution

MELT wanted to target the college audience in a personal and engaging way. Fans like customizable content, and they want to have a unique experience. MELT decided to utilize this insight to create custom Snapchat filters for each stop on the College Gameday Tour. MELT wanted to target the college audience in an engaging way. Leveraging Snapchat's Bitmoji integration, MELT created custom Bitmoji avatars for ESPN's College Gameday Talent as well as custom University-themed artwork to create Snapchat Filters for each stop on the tour. Coca-Cola's wide range of existing assets made this campaign extremely relevant and fun for fans to engage with. Fans could post their own photos using the filters, that featured popular campus spots or beloved mascots. Iconic ESPN College Gameday Desk and Talent was recognizable in an art format, putting a unique Coca-Cola spin on the asset. MELT's artists and graphic designers created unique filters each week, making them special to each audience. Customization at each college made it own-able for the fan – exclusive to share on their feeds, which led to a higher reach and awareness. The implementation of this campaign resulted in large amount of user generated content. Snapchat's ability to geofence a location made it simple to ensure that the content was available to relevant audiences in the area. The ability for fans to see these filters raised awareness of College Gameday in the area and encouraged them to visit the activation.


The Snapchat campaign covered 15 stops on the College Gameday Tour and utilized over 30 custom filters. The campaign had a total unique reach of over 3.8 million, and a total of 6.2 million impressions. The campaign gathered over 112K shares, with an average share rate of 27%. The filters covered over 1.3 billion square feet throughout the season, and each filter had an average screen time of four minutes. The uniqueness of our campaign offered a new spin on existing assets and tools. MELT's customization of filters for each stop gave the fan a new and exciting experience, setting each stop and team apart from the other. Snapchat allowed the campaign to reach the target audience and inspire brand awareness and loyalty through the filters. The filters received attention at the stops and encouraged fans to visit the College Gameday Activation, where they could sample Coca-Cola products and participate in fun activities.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

MELT, The Coca-Cola Company