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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Facebook Presence


Maffick: a boisterous celebration of our beautiful world and all of its stories.

WE ARE sharable stories that matter. Stories that grab you by the brain and get inside your head. Stories that challenge what you think you know about how the world works, and how you work in it. Stories that change you.

We ARE NOT cable news. We are not partisan. We are not politically correct. We are not an echo chamber.

We're bigger than "both sides of the story." We know there are more sides than two.

Strategy and Execution

Maffick Media is an international multi-platform digital media production company founded in Berlin in 2018. We bring together talents from cities around the world to tell compelling, human stories meant to change the way our audience sees the world.

Maffick acquired its flagship brand In the Now in 2018, and later that year launched three new channels, each with its own character and mission:

Backthen: The histories you've never heard. The tales the textbooks forgot. Unsung heroes and under-covered underdogs. Why is today really the way that it is? Because of Backthen.

Waste-Ed: From little things we can do every day to better the world, to big ideas that take the world by storm. We don't have to be doomed to the legacy they want to leave us. Sustainability in everything.

Soapbox: Unpopular opinions expressed loudly. Often by women.

Maffick's brands exist to tell stories that often go untold in the US mainstream, with top-quality video content you won't find anywhere else. Our small team of in-house producers are expert storytellers, and we contract with freelance professionals around the world to make great content on a fraction of the budget of many of our competitors.


Across its four distinct brands on Facebook, Maffick has earned the love and trust of nearly 4 million followers and its videos have enjoyed more than 2.5 billion views.



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Maffick Media