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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Innovators Series

Winner in Real Estate


The objective was recognizing and championing the forward thinkers and leaders sparking the new energy in downtown LA's cultural epicenter, Bunker Hill.

We sought to bring the story, talents and community impact to life by highlighting the individual visionaries behind the businesses within the community. The ultimate goal was getting that story out to fellow creative entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to be a part of a thriving community was always the ultimate goal.

By the end of the pieces we want the viewer to understand that the work these innovators are doing is a form of art and craft at the highest levels in their respective fields.

Strategy and Execution

In an industry filled with brokers and brochures, specs and spaces, we set out to bring a fresh entertaining conversation into the real estate market.

Brookfield Properties tapped us to attract the creative community to the cultural epicenter of Los Angeles, Bunker Hill. And to do that we needed to change the conversation away from stale real estate jargon and into one of creativity and opportunity. We decided to use art and storytelling to speak to the creative community in their own language. To do this we created The Innovator Series. An episodic documentary series merging live action and animation.

We first sat down with 3 innovative personalities working and flourishing in the Bunker Hill area. The interviews were built to be about them, their background, what led them to entrepreneurial success and ultimately why they chose to set up shop in Bunker Hill. Then we transformed those into art by tapping three unique animators to bring each narrative to life. Through animation, storytelling, and entertaining content we helped our client, Brookfield Properties, convince entrepreneurs to rethink their business park residences, and relocate to Bunker Hill, where the culture fits their creative ethos.


With coverage from Eater LA, LA Downtowner, LA Business Journal and Urbanize LA the series has sparked conversation in both social media and within the community itself among current, soon-to-be and prospective tenants. Once an afterthought of the creative industry's entrepreneurs, LA's Bunker Hill has brought the urban melting pot of downtown LA back in the spotlight and crosshairs of the new generation.


Video for Innovators Series

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Kastner, Brookfield Properties


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