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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards


Winner in UX/UI, Gamification

Finalist in Food & Beverage

Audience Honor in UX/UI


Corporate training. It sucks, right? So when a global company like AB InBev wanted to turn every employee into knowledgeable beer lovers, we needed a fun, engaging way to get everyone on board with beer — from the brewers to the finance department. Which was the perfect opportunity for us to turn AB InBev's corporate training on its head.

Strategy and Execution

To make corporate training fun and engaging, we had to rethink it from the ground up and bring it into the modern age. Which is where Hoppy comes in: a first-of-its-kind learning game for all things beer, available right on your phone.

With Hoppy, employees around the world can learn, earn rewards, and have fun at the same time. Hoppy offers gamified quizzes that let players earn knowledge, badges, and Beercoin to redeem for prizes.

Built on Blockchain, Beercoin is a brand new digital currency that employees can earn by doing anything beer-related, from completing training quizzes to checking in at breweries and happy hours.

With Hoppy, there are no more boring internet modules, and no more drool-inducing training seminars. Just tons of fun and rewards instead. And we think that's worth a cheers.


After release, Hoppy spread like wildfire. Within the first two weeks, 46% of employees downloaded it. Together, they earned nearly 500,000 Beercoins, and cashed them in for just as much swag. And people love it. One employee played the daily challenge 668 times, another played for five hours straight — all within the first weeks.

Hoppy continues to spread in popularity through AB InBev, letting different regions compete against each other on leaderboards for a little friendly rivalry and a way to unite offices around the world. With Hoppy, employees aren't procrastinating their training — they're actively seeking it out.


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