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Winner in WhatsApp


The meal replacement category itself is a fairly new category for Indian Audiences. Generally, many aren't aware of the fact that meal replacement shakes even exist and then there are a few that have their own skepticism of replacing a full course Indian meal with just a glass of shake. Mostly, there is only a niche set of audience which invests in their health through this route. Being a new brand in this category, we hardly created any impact on sales as there was lack in awareness and education.

The objective was to create brand awareness and sales by helping people in their weight loss journey. We took up as our objective to control their cravings and make them successful in their diet, but a creative route which helped them to stay true to it.

Strategy and Execution

We understood the insight that people crave for unhealthy and junk food all the time. What triggers it more, is the online and offline food porn that goes around! In this environment, it gets very difficult to maintain weight, control cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The most common and effective way to overcome your cravings is through distractions.

To overcome the same, we created the first ever digital audio buddy to help control cravings. We recorded and published audio clips on our website that specifically helped different people deal with cravings in different ways.

We divided our Clips into thought through routes. We used humour to distract, Meditative and Relaxation Clips to Calm the mind and bring it back in control, expert tips to provide knowledge how cravings occur and the various ways you can beat them and riddles and puzzles to occupy the mind again distracting one from their cravings. Hence, whenever a person would crave for unhealthy food, they could come on our website and beat their cravings completely with our audios.


Facebook Reach: 82,49,757

Microsite visits: 1,60,000+


12%+ - Return Visits

Avg. Time Spent: 03:12


500%+ rise in Sales


Craves controlled/Total plays: 64,000+

Whatsapp numbers received: 1,300+

Achievement against business targets

Branding and awareness among our targets was created. There was a good amount of return visits and the time spent by returning users was 03:27 which is higher than the average time spent on the microsite.


Video for #BeatTheCrave

Entrant Company / Organization Name

WATConsult, Saffola Active Slimming Nutri-Shake