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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards


Gold Honor in Multicultural Community Engagement


The overall objective of WUPinoy, Western Union's Community on Facebook, is to make Western Union - a cross-border money transfer company - more appealing to one of our largest customers globally - our Filipino customer living in the Philippines and abroad. Building on tremendous success as one of the most engaged financial services Community with double digit % engagement, we sought Sean Perez, eight time Philippines yo-yo champion and Western Union customer, to engage in full-funnel social marketing to Connect, Convince, Convert and Continue (Western Union's marketing funnel model) for our Influencer-led content campaign. Did you know that the yo-yo was invented in the Philippines?

We developed a episodic storytelling approach featuring Sean Perez as a Western Union brand ambassador that allowed us to:

- Engage with users in new and creative ways;

- Create conversation around our Influencers and their communities;

- Create inspiring content and storytelling;

- Motivate User Generated Content;

- Celebrate a world of opportunities and diversity;

- Drive Brand reappraisal, digital adoption and app awareness;

- Tagalog and English content and Community Management;

- Content extended beyond Facebook to include Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

This collection of videos and posts up-leveled our social engagement and full-funnel marketing with an influencer to a new level, including a dedicated Influencer Blog.

Strategy and Execution

With the knowledge that some social media posts were getting as little as 1.5 seconds view times, it was crucial to establish continuous formats that kept audiences engaged and excited throughout the entirety of a campaign.

We produced a total of 4 short form video content pieces of up to 90 seconds each, that enabled us to draw our target audience into Western Union's values, products and services with a full funnel approach - awareness to consideration to loyalty - without coming across too commercial.

By splitting the content into short episodes on Western Union's social media channels, and cross referencing it to the #LiveMore #ShareMore Blog while additionally releasing an exclusive song with upcoming DJ duo MÖWE for the campaign, we ensured that we maintained high levels of user attention and engagement establishing an "Always On" content strategy.


-10 million video views;

-Reached 30 million on our Facebook channels;

-15.09% Engagement (likes/comments/shares/views) on Sean's content, overall 14.9% engagement on WUPinoy in general in 2017;

-Leveraged all potential ad sets (cinemagraphs, carousels, canvas, video and link posts);

-Close to 1 million highly-engaged followers (1MM coming soon!).


Video for WUPinoy

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Western Union


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