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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Week For Life Cash Supply Second Chance Promotion

Winner in Mid-Range Media Buying Strategy


In July 2017, PPK was challenged by The Florida Lottery to develop a social media marketing initiative to build awareness of their Week For Life family of scratch-off tickets and to increase Week For Life Cash Supply Second Chance coupon redemptions among new and existing players. The two core goals for the campaign were to build awareness throughout key markets of the Week For Life family of scratch-offs and increase Week For Life Cash Supply Second Chance coupon redemptions through earned, owned and paid social media advertising.

Strategy and Execution

We all know what it's like to mindlessly scroll through our news feeds waiting for a message, post or cat photo to catch our attention. For many brands breaking through this cluttered digital space means setting yourself apart from the get go.

Although The Florida Lottery has fans on social media, players were used to doing their scratching offline, not online. On top of the noisy social media environment, previous promotional code campaigns by The Florida Lottery received low redemption and had very little engagement with players online.

The solution was to create a LIVE online experience that cut through the boring clutter of a player's news feeds and give them a chance to add a little play to their busy day.

Every player has a scratch-off routine when playing with their ticket. To bring that distinct offline experience online, we developed a custom, crowdsourced digital scratch-off ticket that taps into players' desire for entertainment.

A nominal budget of $40,000 was spent on planning, production and paid media. Engaging product content along with a carefully planned deployment strategy became the pillars of success.

In order to translate the scratch-off experience online and make it come to life, we developed a custom, crowdsourced Facebook LIVE execution that leveraged the platform's algorithm changes and engaged The Florida Lottery's fanbase and website users. Each week, we encouraged users to LIKE our live stream to scratch the digital ticket and reveal a unique coupon code for additional Week For Life Cash Supply Second Chance promotional entries.

Using the data earned during each weekly live stream, we then initiated a paid social media strategy in which we retargeted users who participated with link ads to enter that week's final promotional code.


Previous Second Chance promotional code social media campaigns by The Florida Lottery's garnered only 4% redemption from participants. However, our four week Week For Life Cash Supply Second Chance campaign exceeded our social media promotional code redemption goal by 850%, with an average redemption rate of 38% per live stream.

Notably, our first live stream promotional code was revealed in the first 17 minutes of our 60-minute live stream, indicating the excitement and appeal for this first-of-its-kind content for The Florida Lottery.

Also, The Florida Lottery's estimated brand recall rate yielded a strong average, 100% higher than the platform benchmark, revealing how successful the live streams and retargeting link ads were at breaking through social media clutter.


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PPK, The Florida Lottery


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