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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

Winner in Multicultural Community Engagement

Audience Honor in Multicultural Community Engagement


The objective when developing Quick Fix was to create an online video community where busy women could find "Quick Fixes" to everyday dilemmas, such as a weeknight meal in 30 minutes, gifts that don't break the bank or holiday treats made with impressive-looking store-bought items. The goal of the series is to create a reliable source of information and entertainment with high production value that is delivered by an "approachable" celebrity. Furthermore, to use this celebrity's likability to attract an underserved audience of African American millennial women with relevant content.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy is to cover four main lifestyle verticals including: food, fashion/beauty, DIY/home and parenting. Each vertical is rotated from week to week where we provide a "Quick Fix" to a common problem in one of those areas. The content is helpful for most women, but may be especially relevant for African American women, such as a segment on how to "Quick Fix" curly hair styles or brush out a child's hair.

The strategy for creating a community where users feel at home, is to bring Tia's home to Quick Fix. Whether that involves segments with her brothers, husband or children, Tia makes everyone feel a part of the channel by including personal stories and ideas that come from her own family life and traditions.

Each video is posted to the Quick Fix YouTube and Facebook accounts and cut-downs are created for Instagram. The content is then shared via Tia's personal social accounts where she extends the reach and engagement even further with her large following.

Topic ideas are sourced from the Quick Fix community on a regular basis providing a feedback loop for the audience and Tia herself. As a result, we are able to refine what viewers want so we can serve them better each week.


Tia Mowry's Quick Fix set out to an amazing start and has experienced rapid growth since launch in mid-September 2017. In less than just 2.5 months, Quick Fix has garnered nearly 400,000 fans and 15 million organic views across three social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram).





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