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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

1000s of Reasons

Finalist in Artificial Intelligence


San Churro Chocolateria is Australia's favourite destination for celebrating with friends, family and chocolate. They're also our favourite client, for obvious reasons! San Churro challenged Online Circle Digital to create a digital campaign that would drive foot traffic, maximise sales and acquire El Social loyalty club members at the busiest, noisiest time of year.

Our budget was limited to USD 30,000, so in order to cut through the clutter and meet the challenge, we needed to devise a campaign that was digitally-led, lean, smart and efficient.

Strategy and Execution

Given the limited budget, it was imperative that not a cent was wasted. Our audience targeting utilised our proprietary tool Social Pulse, integrated with Artificial Intelligence from IBM Watson. This allowed us to hone in on four key targets:

i. Female Students

ii. Mothers

iii. Independent Women

iv. Current Customers

and analyse the voice of our consumers through the lens of both:

• Consumer personality, and

• Consumer emotion

This data was an integral part of our campaign strategy, allowing us to segment our high-value audiences for a hyper-relevant, hyper-targeted campaign that maximised budget efficiency.

Next, we leveraged Artificial Intelligence to inform content creation; introducing over 500 potential headlines to our AI tool to perform linguistic analysis on language and tone. This process resulted in 48 qualified headlines ranked by probability of success with our audiences. These headlines were then used to tailor messaging and produce targeted creative, ensuring maximum relevance for our audience.

During the campaign we used Artificial Intelligence to analyse audience reaction and consumer emotions. Based on this analysis we optimised and refreshed our campaign creative weekly. This process ensured repetitive messaging was avoided and our cut-through rate remained high.


San Churro's 1000s of Reasons to Celebrate campaign was a huge success, and largely due to the impact Artificial Intelligence had on the process.

In addition to the benefits to the client, Artificial Intelligence took care of all production and optimisation tasks for us as an agency and cut our effort in manual split testing by around 90%.

Online Circle's campaign for San Churro brought together Artificial Intelligence, media, retail and customer service with a creative solution that exceeded our strategic social and digital marketing goals.

San Churro Chocolateria became THE place to celebrate and our small budget campaign:


Video for 1000s of Reasons

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Online Circle Digital, San Churro Chocolateria


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