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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Tazo JoyBoard

Winner in Pinterest


Tazo's brand mantra is all about living playfully. They believe that play is the secret to living lives people love. And it's their secret to making teas everyone loves. Tazo's goal is to create teas that remind people of the amazing things that happen when life is approached with wonder, curiosity and joy. They're on a mission to remind people that when you're enjoying Tazo tea, you don't just sip—you sip joyfully.

The brand was looking to uncover new ways to reach relevant audiences. And use innovative social media to create new ways for people to engage with Tazo. Social listening proved Tazo consumers are very interested in recipes, DIY crafts and sharing with their networks. Making Pinterest the perfect playground for the brand. For starters, no other major tea player was using the platform. It's where the brand's target consumer goes to escape the mundane and seek out inspiration. And Tazo's focus on enjoyable experiences that add a little excitement to people's days could lead to a plethora of unique content to engage their consumer.

Tazo created the Pinterest JoyBoards to help people find joy and to encourage exploration and remind them to play. Ultimately, they wanted to enhance people's engagement with the Tazo brand on Pinterest.

Strategy and Execution

Like the vibrant flavors in every Tazo tea, there's joy waiting to be discovered in every day. And with the Tazo JoyBoard on Pinterest, there's no better time to explore new ways to live playfully. It's the ultimate destination to inspire people, from great DIY ideas to new and exciting uses of Tazo.

The JoyBoards are a collection of three Pinterest boards—Taste Joy, Make Joy and Inspire Joy—with unexpected flavor twists paired with eye-catching visuals to elicit a joyful feeling and stand out on the platform.

TASTE JOY features the fresh flavors and sweet treats inspired by Tazo teas. Content includes custom Tazo recipes like Earl Grey honey stirrers and Passion tea snow cones. This tealightful creation is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer night! Simply steep four Passion tea filterbags in boiling water, let cool and stir in agave nectar to taste. Blend or shave ice into a cup, pour the Passion tea mixture on top and enjoy! Yum! The Taste Joy board also includes additional tasty repins from the target consumer's trusted sources like Martha Stewart.

MAKE JOY includes playful project ideas to give every day an unexpected twist. Unique Tazo content includes fun DIY projects like a make-your-own disco ball and tea bath bombs. People can pamper themselves with a relaxing bath that smells like their favorite Tazo blend with four simple steps—pour, mix, press, bathe! Make Joy content is augmented by additional DIY suggestions from publisher, partner, influencer and third-party repins (e.g., BuzzFeed and designlovefest).

INSPIRE JOY is filled with inspirational quotes for seeing the teacup half full. The curated selection includes inspiring thought starters and connects tea lovers to Tazo's sense of play. Tazo's content includes reminders to make the day joyful—life is like a cup of tea: it's all in how you make it.

The seamless blend of owned and curated content helped Tazo mimic the authentic seek-and-share style people expect from Pinterest.


Since the launch of the Tazo JoyBoards, the brand went from zero to over 4,000 followers in just about a month. With an additional 3,000+ followers for each of the three JoyBoards. There were 35,000 repins of the original Tazo content, leading to 11.4 million impressions for Tazo on Pinterest. Of those repins, 15% were from earned, unpaid sources waterfalling from an initial low-level paid strategy. Yep, that means the content was awesome and people shared it!

Our paid, cinematic DIY pin reached 1.83 million unique users, with 2.08 million impressions and 10.45 seconds in dwell time (the time a user interacts and engages with a Pin in the feed). That dwell time came in over two seconds above Pinterest's benchmark and was the best-performing ad within the vertical year to date.

All in all, users loved the creative and showed great engagement. Tazo has become the proven tea category leader on the platform versus their competition. The JoyBoards have been such a success that Tazo is working the platform into their ongoing, always-on marketing plans to continue bringing a groundswell of joy on Pinterest.


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