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Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free gallops to success on

Winner in Partnership


DreamWorks partnered with Digital Media Management to promote the release of Netflix's new animated series, Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free. The goal was to generate buzz and excitement among young girls in the days leading up to the show's release.

Strategy and Execution

Created as a multi-platform campaign, it was perhaps the use of that was most influential in encouraging tune in for Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free on Netflix.

Recognizing the growing popularity and impact of among the target demographic of young girls and millennials, Digital Media Management made the platform a key component of the campaign. Armed with the show's catchy theme song and the popularity of's dance videos, Digital Media Management engaged four of the social network's stars, Danielle Cohn, Nadia Turner, Ruby Rose Turner, and Jayden Bartles to create dance videos to the show's theme song.

Each Muser created a dance video using the Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free theme song and encouraged their fans to also create videos using the theme song and use the hashtag #SpiritRidingFree.

In addition to, Digital Media Management also partnered with eight all-star influencers who promoted Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and leveraging their massive social followings, a combined 30.7 Million followers, to make the campaign a success.


The Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free campaign reached over 34.4 million with over 2.6 million engagements. Additionally, there were over 4.3 million combined video views.

The videos received over 1.7 million views. Additionally, their videos activated fans to create, film and post over 700 dance videos choreographed to the show's catchy theme song. The fan-generated videos also gained tens of thousands of views, resulting in greater awareness for the Dreamworks show.


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Digital Media Management, DreamWorks Animation


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